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MU Stage 1 - Menu Measures

Menu 4 : Patient Reminders

Measure Overview : Send reminders for preventive or follow-up care to patients who are 65 years and older or 5 years and younger.

Denominator : Number of unique patients 65 years old or older or 5 years older or younger.

Numerator : Number of patients in the denominator for whom reminder is sent within reporting period.

Stage 1 Goal : 20%

Exclusion : Provider who has no patients 65 years old or older or 5 years old or younger with records maintained using certified EHR technology.

ChARM EHR Workflow :

Use the Patient Statistics or Patient Followup report under Analytics section to generate patient list for preventive or follow-up care.

Export the patient list and send reminders to patients based on their communication preference.

Once reminders are sent, use the 'MU Entry for Patient Reminder' link to update the patient list for MU calculation.

For more information, refer to the CMS guideline for this measure