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Menu 9 : Syndromic Surveillance Data Submission

Measure Overview : Perform at least one test submission of syndromic surveillance data to your local public health agency and conduct follow up submission if the test is successful.

Exclusion : Provider who does not collect any reportable syndromic information on their patients during the EHR reporting period, does not submit such information to any public health agency that has the capacity to receive the information electronically, or if it is prohibited.

ChARM EHR Workflow :

  1. Search and select the patient whose record you want to submit for syndromic surveillance.
  2. Go to Patient Details > Past Encounters section.
  3. Choose the encounter.
  4. Click on Export > Surveillance Report menu.
  5. Submit the exported HL7 file to your local public health department.

For more information, refer to the CMS guideline for this measure