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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient satisfaction is crucial for better clinical outcomes and patient retention. By creating a patient satisfaction survey, you can measure patients' satisfaction and get their feedback on the treatment offered. As a first step, you have to 'Create Feedback Form' from the 'Settings > Questionnaire' section.

Assign Feedback Form to Providers/Visit Types

Once you have created a feedback form, you have to assign it to Providers/Visit Types from 'Settings > Questionnaire > Preferences' section.

Either you can have one feedback form for all the Providers and Visit Types or have different forms for each.
Feedback Form Preferences

Share Feedback Form

The feedback form assigned to the Provider/Visit Type is automatically sent to patients once the encounter is signed. We support sending the form by Email and SMS. You can configure the required sending option(s) from 'Settings > Questionnaire > Preferences' section.
Share Feedback Form

Fill Feedback Form

Patients can fill the form using the link provided in the email or SMS.

Feedback Form LinkMobile Feedback Form

Receive Filled Notification

Providers get a notification message in ChARM once patients fill the form. The message also has a link to view the details filled by the patient. If required, providers can turn-off the notification message from 'Settings > Message > My Preferences' section.
View Patient Feedback