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MU Stage 2 - Core Measures

Core 10 : Clinical Lab Test Results

Measure Overview : Record patient's lab results as structured data.

Denominator : Number of lab tests ordered during the EHR reporting period by the provider whose results are expressed in a positive or negative affirmation or as a number.

Numerator : Number of lab test results that are expressed in a positive or negative affirmation or as a number which are incorporated as structured data.

Stage 2 Goal : 55%

Exclusion : Provider who orders no lab tests whose results are either in a positive/negative or numeric format during the EHR reporting period.

ChARM EHR Workflow : There are two options to store lab results as structured data.

1. Electronic Lab Integration :

ChARM EHR connects to many leading Labs to receive results electronically using HL7interface. Electronically received results are stored as structured data.

Contact for enabling electronic lab integration for your practice.

2. Manual Lab Entry :

In addition to uploading PDF, you can enter lab results manually from Labs > Lab Orders section.

  1. Go to Labs > Lab Orders section
  2. Click on a lab order
  3. Enter the lab results manually for each test
  4. Upload the PDF file, if required
  5. Save the changes

You can also import lab results manually from Patient Details > Lab Records section.

For more information, refer to the CMS guideline for this measure