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MU Stage 2 - Core Measures

Core 8 : Clinical Summaries

Measure Overview : Provide Clinical Summary to patients or patient-authorized representatives at the end of office visit.

Denominator : Number of office visits by the Provider during the EHR reporting period.

Numerator : Number of office visits in the denominator for which the patient or patient-authorized representative is provided a clinical summary within 1 business days.

Stage 2 Goal : 50%

Exclusion : Provider who has no office visits during the EHR reporting period.

ChARM EHR Workflow :

For Patients with PHR :

Once the encounter is signed, Clinical Summary is automatically shared to Patient Portal. Hence if the patient has a PHR account, this measure is automatically satisfied once you sign the chart.

For Patients without PHR :

For patients without PHR account, follow either one of the steps below at the end of each consultation.

  1. Print Patient Summary (or)
  2. Export Encounter as PDF from Past Encounters section (or)
  3. Export Encounter as HL7 CCDA from Past Encounters section

If patient declined to receive clinical summary, update that under Encounter > Meaningful Use Measures section for excluding that office visit from MU calculation.

For more information, refer to the CMS guideline for this measure