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Assisted TeleHealth Session

ChARM EHR supports assisted TeleHealth sessions for providing cost-effective, quality healthcare to rural areas

You can set up your own facilities in rural areas and consult the patients remotely using ChARM TeleHealth platform. Your staffs at the remote facility can assist the patients in connecting with you

Practice Administrator of the account can enable this feature from Settings > ChARM TeleHealth > Preferences section
Settings TeleHealth Preference
Assisted TeleHealth Session

Book Appointment

Once the 'Assisted TeleHealth Session' option is enabled from settings, you can book for remote facility teleconsultations. To do this, choose the 'TeleHealth Mode' as 'Remote Facility' while booking an appointment
TeleHealth Mode

TeleHealth Web Kiosk

TeleHealth Web Kiosk is used by the staffs at the remote facility to initiate the video session with a provider

Practice Administrator can create a TeleHealth Kiosk account from Settings > Facility > Kiosk Setup section
Settings Kiosk

Enter the kiosk account username and password. Select the remote facility in which the kiosk account will be used and choose the 'Video Consult' option as 'Required'
Add Kiosk

Then share the kiosk account credentials with the staffs working in the remote facility

Patient Check-in

Staffs can log in to the Web Kiosk using the browser from the ChARM EHR login page (URL below)

Once logged in, click on the TeleHealth Check-in section
TeleHealth Kiosk

All the remote facility appointments scheduled for the day are listed under the 'TeleHealth Check-in' section

Once the patient reaches the facility and ready for consultation, the staff clicks on the 'Check-in' button
TeleHealth Check-in

TeleHealth Session

Providers can start the encounter and connect with the patient checked-in remotely, using the 'Video' button present on top of the consultation notes
Start Video Consult