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Register for TeleHealth

  1. Providers can register for ChARM TeleHealth service from Settings > ChARM TeleHealth section. If TeleHealth service has to be enabled for multiple providers in your practice, submit individual requests from each provider account.
    TeleHealth Settings
  2. Accept ChARM EHR TeleHealth Terms of Service and click on the 'Subscribe' button.
    TeleHealth Subscription
  3. Enter your state medical license number and upload the related document and click on the 'Save' button. If you are not a licensed medical practitioner inform your Practice Administrator to contact us at for enabling TeleHealth for your account.
    TeleHealth Payment Details
  4. If there is an existing card on file in your ChARM account, it will be used for telehealth subscription. If not, provide the card details.
    TeleHealth State Medical License
    This completes the ChARM TeleHealth registration process. Your request will be processed in 2 business days and you will get an email notification once telehealth service is enabled for your account.