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TeleHealth Appointments

Video Consult appointments can be booked with providers for whom the TeleHealth service is enabled

TeleHealth Appointments from EHR

Here are the steps to book TeleHealth Appointments from ChARM EHR

  1. Go to ChARM EHR > Calendar section
  2. From the 'Day' or 'Week' view, click on the available slot of a provider
  3. Select the patient
  4. Choose the 'Appointment Mode' as 'Video Consult'
  5. Enter other details like Duration and Reason for Appointment
  6. Click on the 'Confirm' button
    Video Consult Appointment

TeleHealth Appointments from PHR and Practice Website

You can also allow patients to book TeleHealth appointments themselves from ChARM PHR and from your practice website

  1. To enable this, go to Settings > Calendar > Visit Types section
    Configure Visit Type
  2. Create a new Visit Type with 'Appointment Mode' as 'Video Consult'. Enter the Appointment Duration and Charge
    New Visit Type
  3. Then go to Settings > Calendar > Online Appointments section
    Configure Online Appointments
  4. Select the Provider and Enable Online Appointments. Choose 'Show Visit Types' as 'Yes' and select the TeleHealth Visit type that you created in the above steps. You can also allow patients to pay for the TeleHealth consults by selecting 'Enable card processing' option. You have to subscribe to Bluefin Payment Processing service to turn-on this feature. Enter the other required details and click on the 'Save' button
    Enable Online Appointments
  5. Once the 'Online Appointments' option is enabled for providers, patients can book TeleHealth Appointments from PHR. To allow patients to book an appointment from practice website, create HTML code from Settings > Calendar > Web Embed section and embed it in your website

Patient Check-in

Patients are allowed to check-in for TeleHealth consults 30 mins prior to the appointment time. Here is the procedure to join the video session from PHR

  1. Log in to Patient Portal and go to the 'Appointments' section
    PHR Dashboard
  2. Click on the 'Check-in' button shown next to the appointment
    TeleHealth Appointment Checkin
  3. Select the state of residence and click on the 'Join' button. Then wait for the provider to join the meeting
    Join TeleHealth Appointment
  4. If patients do not have PHR account, they can use the Join URL sent as part of the appointment confirmation email

Starting TeleHealth Session

Follow the steps below to start a TeleHealth consult from EHR

  1. Go to Calendar > ListView. Video consult appointments are highlighted with a 'Camera' icon
    Video Appointment List
  2. Start the encounter and click on the 'Video' button shown on top of the consultation notes
    Start Video Consult
  3. Accept the healthcare provider responsibilities statement
    Provider Responsibility Statement
  4. You will be asked to install a zoom desktop plug-in if it is not already installed on your computer
  5. Wait for the patient to join the session. When the patient joins, they will be put up in the Waiting Room. You need to allow them to join the call.
    Video Consult-in EHR
  6. Use the 'Mini View' in Zoom client, for entering consultation notes simultaneously during a video session
    TeleHealth Mini View
    Consult Notes with Mini View

Multi-User TeleHealth Sessions

ChARM supports multi-user video sessions. This can be used in a scenario where more than one caregiver of a patient have to join the session from different locations

  1. For doing this, copy the meeting URL from Calendar > List View section and share it with all participants
    Join URL Link
    Join URL

Zoom Plug-in and Mobile Apps

ChARM TeleHealth service uses Zoom video platform. Hence during the first video session, providers and patients will be asked to install a Zoom desktop plug-in, while connecting from a computer. If patients join the video session from mobile phones, they have to install Zoom iOS or Android App

You have to just install the zoom desktop plug-in or mobile apps. Do not signup with Zoom

Link to download mobile apps for patients is provided at the bottom of the 'Join Meeting' page
Join TeleHealth From Mobile TeleHealth Session in Mobile