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Email Notifications to Patient

For every TeleHealth appointment booked, patients get an automated email with instructions for joining the TeleHealth session. Patients with PHR account can join from their registered account. Patients without PHR can use the direct Join URL sent as part of the email

Four email templates below are included for TeleHealth notifications. If required, you can customize the content from 'Settings > Templates > Email Templates' section
Email Templates

Text/SMS Notifications and Reminders to Patient

For every TeleHealth appointment booked, you can configure SMS/Text notification to be sent to the patient. The appointment confirmation and reminder SMS will include a shortened Join URL using which the patient can join the telehealth session with ease. Practice administrator can enable the SMS/Text notifications to patients from 'Settings > Patient > Text/Voice Notifications > Notifications to Patient' section.

You can also also configure reminder SMS to be sent one day (and/or) one hour prior to the telehealth consultation. To set reminder SMS to be sent an hour before the session, set the 'Video Consult Reminder 1 hour before the session' to 'Required'.
SMS/Text Notifications to Patient

SMS/Text Notifications to Providers

For every TeleHealth appointment, SMS/Text notifications can be configured to be sent to the providers. To enable text notification, go to 'Settings > Patient > Text/Voice Notifications > Text Notifications > Notifications to Provider' section. The SMS will be sent to the provider's mobile number configured under 'Settings > Facility > Facility Members' section
TeleHealth SMS/Text Notifications

Patient Check-In Notification to Providers

When the joins joins the call, you can configure to automatically change the 'Appointment Status' to 'Checked In' by using the 'Change Appointment Status' field. To enable this, go to 'Settings > ChARM TeleHealth > Preferences > Patient Check-in Notification' section.
Patient CheckIn SMS Notification

When the patient joins the telehealth consultation, SMS/Web notifications can be configured to be sent to the providers. Set the 'Notify Providers by' option to 'SMS' or 'ChARM Notification' to receive the notification. For example, when you select 'ChARM Notification' you will receive an notification as below, with a option to start the consultation right from there.
Patient CheckIn Web Notification

Custom Terms of Service

  1. If you have any proprietary TeleHealth legal compliance at your practice, you can configure it under 'Settings > ChARM TeleHealth' section. Once configured, patients will be asked to accept the given terms before every video session
    TeleHealth Custom Terms of Service