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Create Questionnaires

Create Pre-Appointment Questionnaire

Pre-Appointment Questionnaires help in getting inputs from patients, prior to consultation either through Patient Portal or Patient Checkin Kiosk. This significantly reduces the time that you spend during consultation

  1. Go to 'Settings > Questionnaires' and go through the default questionnaires listed under "ChARM Library"
  2. If the existing questionnaires match your requirement, you can import them and modify it to suit your practice needs.
  3. You can also create new questionnaire by clicking on the "New Questionnaire" button under "Practice Questionnaires"
    Create Questionnaire
  4. You can also use the readily available widgets, viz., Allergies, Medications, Supplements, etc., so that the data filled by patients can be reconciled and added to the respective records in the EHR, instead of manually copying one by one
    Questionnaire Widget
  5. Share the questionnaires with patients either while scheduling appointment or send them as message from Messages tab.