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Create Pre-screening Form

A Pre-Screening form is used by the Providers to collect information from the Patients before the Consultation. The Pre-Screening forms are sent to the Patients as Questionnaires. The Charm Pre-screening Form allows you to define your own set of questions and mandate the first-time patients to fill them when requesting an appointment.

Create Pre-Screening Form

To create a Pre-screening form, go to the 'Settings > Questionnaires > Practice Questionnaires' section.
Create Questionnaire Option

Click on the '+Questionnaire' button.
New Questionnaire

Enter the name of the form and choose the 'Questionnaire Type' as 'Pre-screening Form'.
Create Pre-screening Form

Add the required questions using the components provided and save the Questionnaire.
Add Questionnaire Items
New Questionnaire View

Assign Pre-screening Form to Providers

Once you have created a Pre-screening form, you have to assign it to the Providers from the 'Settings > Calendar > Online Appointments' section
Online Appointments

You can have either the same Pre-screening form for all the Providers or have different forms for each, based on their Specialty.
Pre-screening Form

Fill in Pre-screening Form

The Pre-screening form assigned to the Providers is shown to the new Patients when they book an Appointment from your Website (Web Embed).

New patients need to fill in the Pre-screening form and submit the Appointment request.
Reason for Appointment

View filled Pre-screening Form

The Pre-screening form filled in by the Patients is accessible from the 'Calendar > Appointment Requests' section.
Filled Pre-screening Form

Before confirming the appointment request, click on the 'Pre-screening Form' link to view the details filled by the Patient.
Mental Health Screening

Once the Appointment is confirmed, you can access the filled Pre-screening form from the 'Patient Dashboard > Patient Details > Questionnaires' section.
Pre-screening Form in Questionnaires