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Creating Templates

Creating Referral Reports

To create the referral template, go to Settings > Templates section and click on 'My Templates' option. Click on '+ New Template' and enter the name for the template and choose the template type as 'Reports' and click on 'Proceed'. The following page opens up.
Create Referral Report

Various pre-defined placeholders help you in constructing the referral report.  Choose the 'Group' and the 'Field' will show all the Place Holders. The following table shows the list of supported placeholders.

Group Field Place Holder
Patient Name ${Patient.Name}
Patient Age ${Patient.Age}
Patient Date of Birth ${Patient.Date Of Birth}
Provider Name ${Provider.Name}
Provider Degree ${Provider.Degree}
Provider Email ${Provider.Email}
Encounter Date ${Encounter.Date}
Encounter Chief Complaints ${Encounter.Chief Complaints}
Encounter Symptoms ${Encounter.Symptoms}
Referring Provider Name ${RefProvider.Name}
Referring Provider Address ${RefProvider.Address}

Use these placeholders in the textarea, along with other formatting options to create the referral report.  When the final report is generated, the placeholders will be automatically replaced with the necessary details from the Encounter.