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Getting Started with ChARM EHR

Configure Quick Text

 'Quick Text' in ChARM EHR allows you to speed up your documentation process by creating shortcuts for phrases and sentences that you use on a regular basis. For example, you can create a keyword 'qd' with description as 'Take one tablet by mouth daily'.

Configuring Quick Text

  1. You can configure Quick Text from Settings > Quick Text section.
    Quick Text Option
  2. Click on the '+ QuickText' button.
    Add New Quick Text
  3. Enter the keyword and description.
    Enter Keyword Quick Text
  4. Keywords added under Settings are accessible only within your account. Use the Export/Import CSV option to share the keywords with other members.

Using Quick Text

Quick Text can be used in all the sections of chart note and a few other places in ChARM EHR.

Chart Note

Enter '.' (dot) and a few characters of a keyword. Once the matching keyword is shown in the auto list, press SPACE BAR, TAB or ENTER key to replace the actual description.
Quick Text Encounter
Quick Text Rx
Quick Text Order Labs


In addition to chart notes, Quick Text can be used to enter comments in Labs, Images, Injections and Vaccines sections.
Quick Text Comments
Quick Text Images


Quick Text can also be used in Messages.
Quick Text Messages