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Getting Started with CharmHealth EHR

Create Encounter/Consultation

  1. For scheduled Appointments, you can start the Encounter/Consultation from Home > Chart Notes.
  2. For walk-in Appointments, search and select the Patient and start the encounter from the Patient Dashboard using the + (Add) icon and select the ‘Encounter’ option.
  3. Choose the required Chart Notes type -‘SOAP Template’, ‘Quick’, ‘Brief’, or ‘Comprehensive’ based on your charting needs.
  4. The SOAP Template Chart Note is purely Template-driven depending on the problem treated that requires minimal effort from the Provider.
  5. Comprehensive Chart Note can be used for a new Patient visit where extensive charting is required, including HPI, PMH, Family & Social History, ROS, etc.
  6. Brief Chart Note can be used for a follow-up visit which captures all sections of SOAP (including Vitals and Dx Codes) on a single page.
  7. Quick Chart Note can be used during Phone Consultations and in scenarios where minimal charting is enough.
  8. In all four encounters, you can use the Templates that you have created under Settings.

Create Encounter

  1. You can customize the SOAP sections as required. You can also enable the Three Pane View for SOAP Encounter from the ‘Settings > Questionnaires > Preferences’ section.

Questionnaires Preferences