Improve Access to Care

Connect with patients anytime and anywhere

Decrease Wait Times

Eliminate unnecessary patient visits. Transportation, parking, and wait times are eliminated

Boost Practice Revenue

Reduce overhead expenses, paperwork, and make personalised care more efficient. Increase patient volume


TeleHealth DashboardTeleHealth Mobile Dashboard


  •  Patients can pay online and book telehealth appointments from ChARM Patient Portal and from practice website.
  •  TeleHealth Kiosk helps remote centers to engage with patients and to initiate telehealth sessions
  •  Providers can create their own compliance document and get patient's consent before every telehealth session.
  •  Multi-user telehealth sessions allow more than one patient representatives to participate in the video call.
  •  Providers can have secure telehealth session with patients and write chart notes simultaneously from ChARM EHR.
  •  Screen sharing feature helps patient to share medical records stored on their desktop and mobile phone with providers.
  •  Providers can also have an instant text chat with patients during telehealth sessions.
  •  Consultation summary is automatically shared to patients at the end of telehealth session.
  •  Supports local recording of telehealth sessions in provider's computer. The recorded files can be uploaded to ChARM Patient Documents for future reference.

Why Choose Us?

  • Acquire New Patients and Improve Patient Care

    Provide online consultations and consult more patients at convenient times to increase your revenue stream and patient satisfaction.

  • Secure and HIPAA Compliant

    Stringent security and privacy practices are followed to protect PHI and privacy along with record retention.

  • Integrated Solution

    An integrated solution that neatly packages EHR, PM, Video charting, Patient portal and Payment processing.

  • Configure your own plans

    Configure your own consultation and payment plans, including packages for cash based or insurance payment.

  • Accept Credit Card Payments

    Credit card based payment is integrated into telemedicine appointment workflow for your patient's convenience.

  • Legal/Compliance Ready Design

    Workflow is customizable to include your compliance documents / questionnaires during registration and prior to each video consult session.

  • Your Own Branding

    Optional custom branded EHR portal, patient portal and a practice branded patient app for your patients, at an affordable cost.

  • Patient Engagement

    Your patient gets to access patient portal and you can continue to communicate with patients through secure messages. Your patient gets to access post consult chart summary, Lab results and Rx in the portal.