Ensure patient compliance with medication by:

  • Getting drug pricing upfront
  • Engaging community pharmacies
  • Following up with ease

Choose the right medication at the point-of-care with real-time access to data such as:

  • Patient specific benefits information
  • Patient medication history
  • Therapeutic alternatives

Avoid delays by accessing the following info within your encounter workflow:

  • Drug formulary status
  • Real-time benefits details
  • Electronic prior authorization

Ensures security by enforcing:

  • Extensive ID proofing
  • Two-factor authentication
  • License & NPI checks
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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

CharmHealth integrates with Appriss PMP Gateway Solution to give prescribers access to State PDMP data. This allows prescribers to review a patient's medical records and controlled substance transactions to detect and prevent possible opioid abuse.

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Real Time Prescription Benefits

Real Time Prescription Benefits (RTPB)

RTPB embeds patient-specific, real-time benefit information into the CharmHealth prescription workflow. When prescriber selects a medication, Surescripts presents them with price, coverage information, up to 3 pharmacy channels and up to 5 alternative medications.

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eRx & EPCS

eRx & EPCS

CharmHealth integrates with Surescripts to electronically add and transmit prescriptions of both controlled and non-controlled drugs directly to patient's pharmacy of choice.

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Electronic Prior Authorization

Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

CharmHealth automatically flags medications that require prior authorization and allows prescribers to submit authorization requests electronically and get secured approval electronically with no phone calls, no faxes, no after-the-fact interruptions.

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Refill & RxChange Requests

Refill & RxChange Requests

Process Refills & RxChange requests sent by pharmacies from your Charm EHR account. Streamlining communication with pharmacists to decrease treatment delays.

EPCS, which is for controlled substances, is critical because it really makes filling prescriptions, refilling prescriptions, much, much easier. From a couple of clicks of the button, when I'm in the patient encounter, I can pull up a medication, whether it's controlled or not, and send it on its way to the pharmacy, because at this point, all pharmacies participate in e-prescription. So that is a huge part of the workflow.

Dr. Reza Hosseini Ghomi, MD, MSE CTO & Co-Founder of Frontier Psychiatry
Make The Switch To Our Certified Prescription Platform

Starting January, 2022 several states including California, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Utah and Washington are mandating the use of electronic methods to transmit and receive prescriptions.

Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS) goes a long way in combating the opioid crisis and it is essential that practices and providers are well-equipped to make this transition seamless and efficient.
EPCS in Charm EHR promises to do just that!

CharmHealth's eRx / EPCS Enrolment processes and Workflows are Certified by Surescripts and Audited by Drummond for EPCS and MU.