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e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances

Controlled substances are drugs that are regulated by state and federal laws that control danger of addiction and the dangers from actions of those who use the substances. Such drugs are declared illegal for sale or use, but may be dispensed under a physician's prescription.

CharmHealth EHR allows you for electronic prescription of controlled substances (EPCS) directly when you are writing the prescription. This support is available for all the states of USA, and this certified version meets all DEA and NIST requirements. It also helps practitioners to handle new and repeat refill requests as well.

The workflow is so seamless that controlled substances can be prescribed from within the EHR, like any other normal prescription. As over 90% of pharmacies are EPCS enabled, providers can securely transmit EPCS prescription to any participating pharmacy near to the patient location.

Prescription Drug Monitoring

Charm integrates with Appriss PMP gateway service to show the PDMP details of the patients, which can be used at the time of prescribing controlled substance drugs. PDMP reports will give you critical information about the patient's controlled substance prescription history and provides NARX scores that will help you identify high-risk patients who would benefit from early intervention.

2-Factor Authentication

In order to prevent unauthorized use of prescription, a 2-step verification process is followed to authenticate the provider using a "hard token" and "soft token" password generator.

It also protects the practitioner from misuse of their credential by insiders as well as protect them from external threats as the practitioner retains the control of the hard token.

Steps to enable

  • Check out the EPCS Addon Pricing
  • Login to ChARM
  • Go to Settings > Rx > EPCS Manager
  • Register for EPCS by submitting the relevant details

EPCS Enrolment Workflow

Useful Links

EPCS Video Tutorial
EPCS User Guide for Washington State
EPCS User Guide for other states

For Prescribers from NY state

NY requires prescribers to register their EPCS software with the NY state board of pharmacy. Follow the steps given in the below URL

You may need additional information on the software for registration, viz., Software Name, Version, etc. which are available below:

  • Name of Certified E-Prescribing Software Application: CharmHealth EHR
  • Software Version Certified: 1.2
  • Name of Software Application Provider (Company Name): MedicalMine Inc.