Secure Physician Messaging

Secure Physician messaging offers physicians and patients, a secure messaging platform to collaborate with each other. Physicians can send secure messages with attachments, to fellow practice members to discuss a patient's problem. The messages are sent over private secure network to maintain confidentiality of patient data. Also, the messages are tagged to the patient and can be viewed in the patient's dashboard at ease.

When the patient is being consulted, providers can send secure messages to nurses/therapists using the secure messaging framework, so that they can initiate preparatory works, if a patient needs a intravenous injection or therapies after the consultation. This greatly improves the practice workflow and the patients can be treated at a quicker pace and also reduces cost on paper based communication.

Secure Healthcare Messaging also enables patients and their care givers to communicate securely with the healthcare providers. CharmHealth EHR secure messaging framework is integrated with the patient portal, thus allowing messaging correspondence to be initiated by either the patient or the provider. Patients can communicate with the providers on questions about their medications, prescriptions, refill requests, etc.

When the physicians share pre-appointment questionnaire to the patient, they get notified to the patient through their PHR. When the patient fills the questionnaire, providers get notified back through the secure messaging framework. CharmHealth EHR secure messaging also allows providers to configure the number of messages that can be sent by their patients between visits and the size of the messages.