Medical Inventory Management

CharmHealth EHR, Medical Inventory Management module helps ambulatory clinics and practices to manage and control their stock inventory. Some practices stock up items such as OTC drugs, Supplements, Lab kits, etc., in their facility to be dispensed/sold to patients for their convenience. Hence, medical inventory management software is essential for these practices to handle their inventory. The following are the features offered by CharmHealth EHR, inventory management software;

Prescription linked Clinical Inventory Management

When the patient arrives at the front office after the encounter, the front office can quickly pull up the encounter to see the items to be dispensed and it can be directly converted into an inventory sale invoice. This reduces patient waiting time at the dispensing station.

CSV Inventory Import

The product inventory list need not be entered manually, when you start building up the system. CharmHealth EHR Inventory Management allows you to upload inventory part lists from an excel sheet, thus saving your precious time. Custom categories can be created, against which the items can be tagged for better inventory management.

Inventory Reorder Levels

Reorder levels can be defined for all the items that are stocked in the facility. The reorder point is automatically calculated based on the inputs such as safety stock, average sale/day and the lead time it takes for your supplier to deliver the inventory.

Instant Sale Invoice Generation

Sale Invoices are generated instantly, as soon as the items are dispensed to patients. If your patient needs a copy of the invoice at a later date, you can search it from the old invoices based on the Invoice ID (or) patient name, and print them.

Inventory Management Reports

Various Inventory Management Reports generated by CharmHealth EHR helps you to effectively manage your stock inventory.

  • Current Inventory Report – shows the current list of inventory items available in the facility.
  • Inventory Expiry Report – shows the list of inventory items that got expired.
  • Inactive Inventory Report – shows the list of inactive items present in the facility
  • Reorder Level Report – shows the list of stock items nearing the reorder point. This allows you to place fresh orders with your suppliers to replenish and maintain stock levels.

Multiple Users with real-time inventory

When the items are dispensed to the patients, the inventory data gets updated at real-time. This allows multiple users to work on inventory management at the same time, with the data being presented dynamically with the current inventory status.