Medical Billing

CharmHealth EHR offers comprehensive web based medical billing solution using which you can generate invoice, track payments received, generate claims, etc., without any hassles. It allows a separate billing team to take care of the billing/claims management and relieves providers to focus on patient care.

Manage Invoices

You can generate invoices for the consultation and procedures done in your practice. Receipts can be generated for advance payments or part payments made by the patients and they can be adjusted against the invoiced amount. Claim files can be generated from the invoice and can be printed as a Superbill / CMS 1500 Claim form with all the necessary CPT codes included for submission to insurance agencies. Ability to track partially paid invoices is also available.

Payment Tracking

CharmHealth EHR allows you to generate invoices and tracks payments received. Every time a payment is made by the patient, it is tracked/adjusted against the final invoice. Payments made can also be reverted by voiding receipts. Detailed reports like Patient Balance Report and A/R Aging Report, helps you to put A/R balance in control.

Claim Management

CharmHealth EHR allows you to download the claim PIF files as a batch, so that it can be uploaded to the insurance agencies in bulk. Once the claims are submitted, you can track the status of the claims. You can filter the claims based on their status, viz., submitted to clearing house, submitted to payer, Rejected, etc. Reports like Claims Aging Report helps you to track your claims by time period.