Why CharmHealth EHR

Absolutely Ad-free

CharmHealth EHR is absolutely ad-free and full featured, even in its free edition (50 encounters / month). We do not parse your patient data to pop up ads from pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers, based on medical conditions being diagnosed or medications being prescribed. At Charm, we think that any kind of marketing to physicians who in turn can potentially communicate the information to the patient unintentionally, is a violation of HIPAA privacy rules which prohibit any type of marketing to patients without patient authorization.

Use and Pay

CharmHealth EHR provides the most affordable EHR, Practice Management and Billing solution in the market with the policy of 'Use and Pay' i.e., you only pay based on your usage of Charm, in the true spirit of a cloud-based service. If in any month, you are on vacation or not seeing patients or simply having a lean season, and your patient encounters drop below 50 limit of free encounters, you will not be charged at all, thus freeing you from any worries on monthly costs. There is no limit on the number of providers using the CharmHealth EHR. Pricing is based on the number of encounters and not based on the number of providers. Hence, you are free to add any number of providers to your practice.

Ease of Use

CharmHealth EHR is the most physician friendly EHR in the market with its intuitive UI that is touch-ready and available on iPads and other tablet devices. It is highly customizable and adapts to your practice needs instead of you adapting to the EHR. At Charm we understand that your time is most precious and strive every day to make the visual interface intuitive and aesthetically appealing.

No upfront costs

Practices are often wary of expensive costs involved in transitioning to an EHR system. CharmHealth makes it a breeze. CharmHealth EHR is a cloud based solution requiring no hardware or software installation. All it takes to set-up your EHR is to sign up at and in few minutes you are in the application ready to go. And you can experiment with it for free till you are ready to move all your patients to Charm.

No maintenance costs

Unlike client-server based EHR systems, you need not worry about software upgrades or general IT maintenance costs. You will have the latest feature set rolled out to you seamlessly for zero cost.

Ramp up as you grow

You do not need to forecast your future budget, trying to crystal gaze numbers from the future. With Charm you can start small and ramp up as your practice grows. Charm offers a full featured solution that is capable of scaling to handle thousands of patients for your practice, keeping pace with your growth. You continue to use the Charm solution the same way with no additional packages to install or purchase.

Supportive Customer care

We at Charm think gaining a customer is only half the job, and real fun and challenge lies in keeping the customer happy for all the time to come and keep him or her engaged to Charm. We at Charm promise to get back to you any questions you have within 24 hours and also promise to actively pursue feature requests you may have on our application within overall roadmap. We also offer live support where in customers can simply visit our web site and chat with our support reps. You can call us toll-free during working hours.

Secure and Available

CharmHealth EHR is hosted on Zoho cloud, a proven cloud platform serving more than 7 million users, at Tier 1 Data centers in USA and strictly adheres to industry standard security and privacy policies. Charm data is mirrored to disaster recovery site ensuring you will not have data loss due to any natural calamity. In addition, data is backed up on daily and weekly basis in line with best practices of the industry.

HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant

CharmHealth EHR is 100% HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant meeting the government regulations on data transmission and storage. We use 256-bit encryption to securely transmit your data.

Meaningful Use Certified

CharmHealth EHR is certified for 'Meaningful Use' by Drummond Group under ONC-ATCB program . Physicians using CharmHealth EHR are eligible to receive incentives under ARRA.

Free Patient Portal

A patient portal can encourage greater patient involvement in the treatment and better patient / provider communication leading to better outcomes. Every patient of yours gets a free account in patient portal when he or she is registered in the CharmHealth EHR. From the patient portal, patient can request appointment, fill-in pre-visit questionnaires, manage medical records and share them with care team securely. Patient can also securely communicate with his or her care team from the patient portal.

Mobile Ready

Practitioners are increasingly seeing the benefit of co-opting mobile devices and apps in the care delivery. Mobile technology makes access of data closest to the point of care and also makes communication among care team real time. Charm comes with readily available mobile support with its EHR being designed from ground up to be usable on iPads and tablets. In addition, Charm also offers native apps for Patient Kiosk, Appointment scheduling. Many more apps are in the pipeline to make your practice truly collaborative and efficient.