Appointment Scheduling

Patient appointment scheduling is an integral part of practice management. Scheduling becomes more complex when the practice has multiple facilities and the physicians work at different practice locations at different time-zones. The Calendar-based patient appointment scheduling in CharmHealth EHR, enables you to streamline your clinic’s workflow and manage each member’s schedules efficiently.

Appointment Scheduler Calendar View

CharmHealth EHR supports configurable practice timings and working days. The appointment scheduling calendar shows non-working hours and days as grayed out for easy identification. The appointment scheduling calendar has three views, viz., day, week and month. Each view shows appointments of multiple physicians across facilities.

Each physician’s schedule is color coded for easy identification. Appointment duration can be easily changed by resizing the appointment slot. The Print option in the Appointment Scheduling view, allows you to print appointments of one or more physicians for the selected time period. The Appointment Scheduler also allows you to double/triple book a slot, for special situations, after showing an alert.

Appointment Scheduling from the Patient Portal

Patients can send appointment requests from the Charm PHR account, which can be inspected and approved. While confirming a new appointment, you can send pre-appointment questionnaires and consent forms to patients, so that they can fill them up by logging into their Charm PHR account. When the patient fills up the forms, the physician will receive secure message notifications. This helps physicians understand patient’s problem before their actual visit.

Benefits of Online Patient Appointment Scheduling

  • Appointments sought from the integrated patient health record portal, improve practice efficiency, with fewer phone calls and missed appointments
  • As appointments are stored online, physicians can check their schedules from their iPhone or iPad.
  • Automated appointment reminder emails sent to patients helps reduce No Shows.