Web based EHR

Electronic Health Records (EHR) is one of the most important applications in the healthcare IT portfolio and EHR coupled with Practice Management & Medical Billing is a must for any healthcare setting. EHR application offered in a cloud & mobile paradigm as a Software as a Service (SaaS), provides significant gains for the practices, such as improved productivity, practice efficiency and better quality of care to patients.

The benefits of online web based EHR in ambulatory practices are as follows:

Improved Patient Care

Online EHR improves quality of care and relationship between physicians and patients, as patient records can be readily accessed anytime anywhere. Accurate and up-to-date information about the patients can be got from office or remote location through the use of online web based EHRs. Physicians can communicate quickly with the patients on the phone, send vital clinical information to other specialists to get their opinion and spend less time paging through charts.

Improved Office Efficiency

When you run a multi-facility practice, the patient’s charts can be located from multiple places, viz., at the clinic, at patient’s home, etc. depending upon where you do patient consult. Online web based EHRs saves staff time; used for searching for old patient records, entering charges manually, etc. This saved time can be utilized to provide value-added services and reduces overtime charges. As a result of improved office efficiency, overall office productivity gains are seen by the use of online web based EHRs. If you could save 30 minutes of such unproductive time, you could consult two more patients per day, resulting in increased office revenues.

Potential Financial Benefits

Practices can save money by adopting web based EHRs, as they can save on the money spent in running the hardware and software for the in-house EHR. Practices can free up file room space and use it for productive purpose by moving to online web based EHRs.

To sum up the benefits of online web based EHR solution include:

  • Easy to setup with no hardware or software installation - Just use a browser on any device
  • Better Accessibility – Access medical data from anywhere and anytime, securely
  • Practices realize significant cost savings and IT resource requirements are less.
  • No Scalability Worries – Start small and ramp up as your practice grows.
  • Enhanced patient engagement leading to better customer satisfaction – Patients can now access their data through patient portal, which is shared by the care team
  • Efficient practice workflow with patient questionnaires and medical history updated online prior to the visit
  • Appointment Request & Approval made simpler – Patients can request appointments online
  • Enhanced Security – Cloud providers are obliged by law to adhere to strict security and privacy rules and comply with statutory regulations
  • Updates & Upgrades at Zero Cost – Practices can avail new features and move with the technology changes & regulatory mandates seamlessly.
  • Enables real-time secure collaboration among care team and patient.