Fullscripts Integration

e-Prescribing of Supplement Orders

Practices selling supplements off their shelf often face problems in managing their inventory. The issues they face include:

  • Managing expired products and returning back to supplier
  • Potential Insurance Costs they incur to store inventory
  • Working Capital gets blocked affecting cash flow
  • Longer turnaround time for receiving stocks from supplier, hindering business, etc.

With integration with Fullscripts, ChARM allows providers to access the industry's largest catalog of professional grade supplements, which can be prescribed online through their personalized store. The order is then directly shipped to patients by Fullscripts.

Fullscripts Integration Workflow

Fullscripts Integration Workflow

Steps to enable Fullscripts Addon

  • Login to ChARM
  • Go to Settings > Fullscript
  • Enter the 'Clinic Key'
  • Map the Fullscript prescribing provider list with that of ChARM providers
  • Get started prescribing supplements online

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