Patient Health Record (PHR) Portal

Charm PHR is a Personal Health Record (PHR) portal to manage health information of patients, for themselves and their families. Patients can store their current and past medications, lab results, record health vitals and track progress using the built-in reports. All the health information is available online, thus avoiding rummaging of files to find past lab results.

Integrated PHR and EHR

Charm PHR is designed to be tightly integrated with CharmHealth EHR. This enables patients to share lab records with physicians and also allows patients to view the documents shared by their physicians. Patients can request appointments with their care team, which gets securely notified to the physician’s CharmHealth EHR account. When the physician confirms the appointments, and shares pre-appointment questionnaires, patients can fill them up from their PHR account, so that the physician can know about the patient’s health information better, before the patient checks-in into the practice.

On completing the encounter, physicians can share handouts and clinical visit summaries, which are readily available to the patients, through their patient health record portal.

Benefits of Patient Health Record Portal

The patient can:

  • Record current medications, supplements, their dosage and period of intake
  • View medications and supplements that were used in the past
  • View immunizations taken right from birth and therapies undergone till date
  • Manage health vitals such as weight, height, blood pressure and blood sugar; record the data periodically and plot it graphically, to view the progress over time
  • Import lab result PDFs and plot them graphically to view the progress over time
  • Upload and manage health related documents (X-ray images, lab record PDFs, video files, etc.)
  • Manage the health of upto five members from a single user account. Managing the health of the entire family from a single account, saving the trouble of remembering multiple usernames and passwords.