Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records are computerized form of patients' health information containing their current and past diagnoses, current and past medications, allergies, past consultations, lab results etc., used in healthcare facilities. Most physicians still use paper based records as it is easier to do data entry. Inspite of this advantage, paper records have their own limitations

  • Illegible handwriting can lead to medical errors.
  • Its difficult to update paper records to keep up-to-date information of problem list, allergies etc. A lost paper can mean incorrect or inconsistent information.
  • Porting a patient's data across facilities is cumbersome. Have to rely on physical transportation or faxing.
  • HIPAA regulations require a healthcare facility to keep seven years of past medical records. Seven years of medical records of hundreds of patients will require considerable storage space.

Using CharmHealth EHR electronic medical records software, healthcare facilities can overcome these issues, improve the efficiency at their facility and provide better quality of care to patients.

  • Electronic medical records help to maintain comprehensive information about patient demographics, current and past illnesses, allergies, current and past medications, past encounters, lab results etc. Up-to-date information is available at the click of a button.
  • HL7 enables electronically porting patient data across different electronic medical records systems. Eliminates the hassle of physical transportation or faxing.
  • Electronically storing data requires very little storage space compared to paper records.
  • Effective cost savings on paper and storage.

CharmHealth EHR being a SaaS based electronic medical records system provides the following additional advantages:

  • CharmHealth EHR has all the data stored in the cloud and provides anytime anywhere access to patient data. Enables physicians to have encounter over phone.
  • CharmHealth EHR is HIPAA compliant and is hosted in data centers that have stringent physical and data security mechanisms. It uses SSL 128 bit encryption for data transmission.
  • CharmHealth EHR has failover and disaster recovery systems in place and guarantees high service availability.
  • It does not require expensive servers and maintenance. A laptop with an internet connection will suffice to start using CharmHealth EHR.
  • With the pay-as-you-use model, you can start using CharmHealth EHR by paying a low monthly subscription.

The advantages of electronic medical records software over paper records and the cost reduction over long term usage should encourage physicians to start adopting it in their practices.