The e-Prescription module in CharmHealth EHR, has an easy and clean workflow that allows you to connect to more than 70000 pharmacies in the USA to send electronic medical prescriptions and receive refill requests. The integrated drug database in the e-Prescribing module allows you to easily search for drugs by name and you may filter results based on strength, route and dose form. The drug library gives instant alerts on drug-to-drug, drug allergies and drug-to-food interactions.

e-Prescribing to preferred pharmacies

As a one-time task, you can ask for the preferred pharmacies of the patient, so that e-prescribing can be done to one of those pharmacies, instead of searching for a pharmacy every time.

e-Prescription Messages

e-Prescription is tightly integrated with CharmHealth EHR’s secure messaging module. You can view refill requests in the e-Prescription “Received” folder. The new Rx requests and the status of Rx requests can be checked in the e-Prescription “Sent” folder. Apart from this, you can also access pertinent e-prescription information from the patient’s dashboard.

Benefits of e-Prescribing

  • e-Prescribing, as opposed to paper prescriptions, reduces prescription errors, increases practice efficiency, improves patient safely and overall quality of care.
  • e-Prescribing with CharmHealth EHR is quicker than manually calling the pharmacy to place new prescription and refill requests.
  • e-Prescribing reduces the patient’s waiting time at pharmacies.