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ChARM EHR is integrated now with Appriss PMP Gateway service. ChARM EHR PMP Gateway integration automates searching of patient PDMP data and is readily available for quick access within provider's daily workflow. Healthcare providers can simultaneously review a patient's medical record and PDMP data for the controlled substance drug transactions and possible Opioid abuse.

With access to real-time PDMP data in the EHR at point of care, healthcare providers can intervene for patient safety and play an important role in mitigating potential Opioid/Controlled Substance abuse and drug diversion. By this integration, providers are freed from the need to login into a separate website for PDMP data or input patient data and they can spend more time focused on patient care.

This document describes the steps involved in enabling PDMP Gateway service for your ChARM EHR account.

Registering/On-boarding PDMP service for your practice

As a first step, register the practice with Appriss PMP Gateway service to access State level controlled substance prescription data. Appriss will provide instructions to complete PDMP registration with the requested states.

On successful approval by State PDMP board, Appriss will assign a project manager to proceed with the ChARM EHR – PMP gateway integration. Appriss will send the PDMP access credentials and other integration details to ChARM. On receiving the access credentials from Appriss, ChARM will enable the PDMP feature for your practice account.

Appriss registration form is available at

Fill the below details in the form.

  • Solution of Interest - PMP Gateway
  • Facility-Type Request - Practice
  • EMR Vendor Name - MedicalMine - ChARM EHR

Registration/On-boarding process is also explained in ChARM EHR at 'Settings > Rx > PDMP' section.

After approval by PDMP state boards and subsequent integration, PDMP Status and Approved States details for your practice account will be displayed in PDMP Interface section.
PDMP Status

Prescriber’s Privilege to Access PDMP Data

The Prescriber must have required privilege set in ChARM EHR to access PDMP data. By default, there are pre-defined roles like Physician and Physician Assistants, which have "Enter SOAP Notes, Prescribe Medications and Order Labs/Images" privilege.

Members assigned these roles having the privilege "Enter SOAP Notes, Prescribe Medications and Order Labs/Images" are allowed to access PDMP data in ChARM EHR.

Apart from these pre-defined roles, users can create their custom roles. If the custom roles are created for prescribers, then these roles should have the privilege to "Enter SOAP Notes, Prescribe Medications and Order Labs/Images".

Privilege can be configured by following the below mentioned steps,

  1. Navigate to Settings > Facility > Roles
  2. Click the row of the role that you wish to edit
  3. Select “Enter SOAP Notes, Prescribe Medications and Order Labs/Images” privilege under "Encounters" section.
  4. Click 'Save'
    PDMP Privilege

Assign Role to access PDMP Data

Practice Admin or the Office Manager should assign PDMP roles for the prescribers who are going to access PDMP data in their practice. All the PDMP requests initiated by the prescribers will be sent with their corresponding PDMP access role.

After integrating PDMP for your practice, PDMP Access Roles can be configured for the prescribers by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Rx > PDMP Interface Members with "Enter SOAP Notes, Prescribe Medications and Order Labs/Images" privilege would be listed
  2. Map the corresponding PDMP Role for all the prescribers
    PDMP Status

NPI or DEA number need to be configured in ChARM EHR for enabling and accessing PDMP role and data respectively for each prescriber (/member).

NPI/DEA can be configured in, 'Settings > Facility > Facility Members' by the Member or Practice-Admin or Office Manager.

Access PDMP Data

On completion of PDMP integration and required configuration by practice admin, members having privilege can see PDMP option in Prescription sections of Encounter Notes as well as in Medication section.

Prescribers can use this option to fetch PDMP data for patients before prescribing medication.

PDMP Link in Encounter Section

PDMP from Encounter

PDMP Link in Medication Section

PDMP from Medication

To fetch PDMP data, ensure that the below details are configured for the facility, prescribers, and patients. An error message will be shown if any of the required data is missing.

  1. Facility (‘Settings > Facility > Facilities List')
  2. Provider (‘Settings > Facility > Facility Members' or 'Settings > Accounts > My Profile ')
    First Name
    Last Name
    NPI / DEA
    Provider PDMP Access Role (‘Settings > Rx > PDMP')
  3. Patient (‘Patient > Edit Demographics')
    First Name &amb; Last Name
    Date Of Birth
    Postal Code
    PDMP Error

When the above-mentioned mandatory information is available, you will be able to view the PDMP Report dialog. If your state(s) support NARx, then NARx score will be shown as a part of PDMP view along with allowed states for which the practice has registered for obtaining information.
Fetch PDMP Report

By default, PDMP data will be queried from all the states that are enabled for your account. The provider can uncheck states for which they do not want to fetch report.

On clicking the 'Fetch Report' button, the PDMP report for the patient will be fetched using Appriss PDMP Gateway service, for the selected states. The report fetched will be displayed in a new window.
PDMP Report