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Practices selling supplements off their shelf often face problems in managing their inventory. The issues they face include:

  • Managing expired products and returning back to supplier
  • Potential Insurance Costs they incur to store inventory
  • Working Capital gets blocked affecting cash flow
  • Longer turnaround time for receiving stocks from supplier, hindering business, etc.

With integration with Fullscript, ChARM allows providers to access the industry's largest catalog of professional grade supplements, which can be prescribed online through their personalized store. The order is then directly shipped to patients by Fullscripts.

Fullscript Integration Workflow

Fullscript Integration Workflow

Configuring Fullscript Addon

If you don't wish to carry your own inventory and just want to electronically order supplements, you can make use of the Fullscript Addon. Fullscript, the online dispensary platform empowers providers by providing seamless access to its catalog of professional grade supplements. By enabling this addon, you can order supplements to patients electronically, right from inside ChARM. To enable this feature:

  1. Go to Setting > Fullscript
    Fullscript Option
  2. If you are already registered with Fullscript and have the ‘Clinic Key’, enter the key in the 'Clinic Key' field and click on 'Update' button.
    Configure Clinic Key
  3. The list of all providers will be fetched from Fullscript and shown you you. Map the list to the members already added to ChARM and click on 'Associate'
    Map Fullscript Providers

Creating Template from Fullscript

To create the template from Fullscript, click on '+ Supplement' and select 'Fullscript' option. The following dialog opens up.
Creating Fullscript Supplement Template

Search for the supplement name from the Fullscript database and add intake details. Click on 'Add' to save the supplement to the template

Adding Supplements from Fullscript Database

  1. Add the supplements to the chart by searching the Fullscript database using 'Add Sx > Fullscript' option
    Add Supplement from Fullscript Option
  2. Search for the supplement from the Fullscript database
    Add Supplement from Fullscript
  3. Click on 'Prescribe' link and add the intake details and add it to the chart
    Prescribe Supplement from Fullscript

Adding Supplements from Fullscript Categories

  1. Click on 'Load my Categories from Fullscript' option
    Load Fullscript Categories
  2. Fullscript categories are loaded from the user's Fullscript account. Select a category to view all the products linked to that category. Choose the products and containers as required from the list. Fill the intake details and add the product to the chart.
    View Fullscript Categories

Transmit Fullscript Orders Electronically

  1. To send the prescribed supplements to Fullscript electronically, click on 'Transmit > Fullscript' option
    Transmit to Fullscript Option
  2. The following dialog opens up. Select the supplements that you would like to send electronically to Fullscript. If you wish to provide discounts to the patients, use the 'Patient Discount' option from the 'Fullscript Discount Details' section.
  3. There are two levels of discounts. The "Clinic Level Discount" is provided by Fullscript for your clinic will be applied to all your patients. On top of this discount, "Patient Level Discount" can be given to specific patients. Discount given to patients are persisted against the patient and will appear again for subsequent trasmissions. (Note that Clinic level discounts cannot be modified). Click on 'Send' button.

Note: Only the supplements that are added from Fullscripts database can be transmitted electronically
Transmit to Fullscript

Once it is sent electronically, the supplement status changes to 'Transmitted Electronically'.
Fullscript Transmit Status