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Direct Message is a secure HIPAA-compliant standard for exchanging health information between Physicians, Hospitals, Labs, Healthcare Providers, and different EHR Vendors. CharmHealth partners with DataMotion Inc, an accredited carrier-grade Health Information Service Provider (HISP) for providing the Direct Messages service.

Sending medical records using e-mail, fax, or snail mail is not secure, as unauthorized users can access such details easily.

On subscribing to this service, you will get a unique Direct Address ( to communicate with anyone who also has a Direct Address. This will be handy while sending or receiving Referrals to Providers outside your Practice who use CharmHealth or other EHRs.

Meaningful Use attestation mandates sending the summary of care record through Direct Message during Patient referrals. Hence, if you attest for to MU, Direct Message is a mandatory requirement.

Request for Direct Message

Practice Administrator or Office Manager can request for enabling Direct Message from the 'Add-ons' section. To request a Direct Message, follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the 'Add-ons' section by clicking on the 'Plug' icon.
    Add-ons Plug Option
  2. Click on the 'Direct Message' add-on.
    Direct Message
  3. Enter the required details like Facility NPI, Provider NPI, etc. Provide the preferred User name in the Direct Address field and click on the 'Request' button.
    Direct Message Request

Enable Direct Message

CharmHealth will process your request and provision for the DataMotion account. Once provisioned, you will receive an email notification with further steps to follow.

Set a password for your DataMotion account using the link sent in the email.

Then, configure the DataMotion account password in the 'Settings > Direct Message > Preferences' section of your CharmHealth account. This allows you to send and receive Direct Messages directly from your CharmHealth account.
Direct Message Preferences
Direct Message Preferences

Use Direct Message

On updating your DataMotion account password in CharmHealth, you can send Direct Messages from the 'Messages' and 'Referral Out' sections of your CharmHealth account.

To send a Direct Message from the 'Messages' section, click on the dropdown menu next to the 'Compose' button and select the 'Direct Message' option.
Compose Direct Message

Subsequently, you can choose recipients stored in your CharmHealth provider directory or add them directly from the Direct Message Network.
Compose Direct Message

Search from Your CharmHealth Provider Directory

Follow the steps below to search and add recipients available in your CharmHealth account under the provider directory:

  1. Enter the first few characters of the recipient's name in the 'Search from your Provider Directory' field.
  2. The drop-down list displays matching external providers available on your CharmHealth provider directory. Choose the intended recipient's direct address to start messaging them.

Compose Direct Message

Note: You can add members to your directory under the Settings > Directory > Providers tab.

Search Direct Message Network

If the intended recipients are not available in your CharmHealth provider directory, you can follow the steps below to search for them on the Direct Message Network:

  1. Click on the Search Direct Network link.
  2. Enter the intended provider's Name, NPI, or Organizational Details
  3. Clicking on the 'Search' button displays a list of matches. You can add additional provider details to refine your search if needed.
    Search Direct Message
  4. You can either choose the Send Message or Add to My Directory option available against a provider name.

    The 'Send Message' option allows you to share PHI with the provider instantly. Where as selecting the 'Add to My Directory' option allows you to store the provider's details in your CharmHealth directory for future use.

Once you have added the recipient, enter the subject and the message content. If required, you can also attach some documents and send the message.

You will have a separate section to view the Sent and Received Direct Messages.
Received Direct Message

Similarly, you can also use the Direct Message for sending the Referral Requests to the external Providers.

To transmit the referrals by Direct Message, use the 'Transmit > By Direct Message' option available under the 'Referral Out' section.
Transmit By Direct Message