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Chart Note Recommendation


The Charm Assist Chart Note Recommendation feature uses machine learning techniques to help complete Chart Notes faster by:

  • Suggesting appropriate ICD-10 diagnoses (Dx) codes from the notes section.
  • Recommending plans based on diagnoses combination from previous chart history of similar Patient profile.


  1. This feature helps in finding related ICD-10 Dx codes while filling in Patient diagnoses in Chart Notes.
  2. Providers can view the treatment plans suggested by themselves or other Providers for similar conditions, rare illnesses, or Patient profiles within the Practice.
  3. Providers can repeat Prescriptions, Diet, Treatment Plans, Lifestyle, Lab Tests, and Image Tests easily from the suggestion list.

Subscribe and Customize

This feature can be subscribed from the Settings sections using the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Charm Assist > Chart Note Assist tab.
    Enable Chart Note Assist

    Note: Once requested, this feature will be enabled in 1 to 2 weeks of time for your Practice.

  2. Once enabled, you can customize the feature settings:
    Customize Chart Note Assist

    Enabling Plan Assist allows you to view plan recommendations while writing Chart Notes.

    Enabling Diagnosis Assist allows you to view Dx code suggestions. Additionally, you can enable or disable sections for fetching Dx suggestions and rearrange display order.

  3. Click on the 'Save' button to update the changes.

Chart Note Assist Workflow in Encounter

We have used a SOAP encounter to illustrate the Chart Note Assist workflow below, the same can be applied in other Encounters based on your needs.

  1. Start an Encounter. Fill in the chief complaints, symptoms, medical history, and assessment notes based on your Chart Note Assist configuration.
  2. Save the updated encounter and click on the Chart Note Assist icon on the screen.
    Chart Note Assist Option
  3. If Diagnosis Assist is enabled, the AI engine fetches related ICD-10 codes after assessing the updated medical conditions in the Chart Note.
    Chart Note Assist
  4. Select the Dx codes you want to proceed with from the suggestion list.
    Note: The 'Add Dx' option allows you to add Dx codes unavailable in the list.
  5. If Plan Assist is enabled, click on the 'Yes, Proceed' button after adding diagnosis to fetch Plan Recommendations.
    Chart Note Assist

    Note: Plan Recommendations include Prescriptions, Diet, Treatment Plan, Lifestyle, Lab Tests, and Image Tests sections.

  6. The Chart Note Assist's ML engine evaluates the selected Dx codes. It fetches the Plan Recommendations from exact or nearest matching previous Chart Notes.
    Chart Note Assist

    Note: You can also view the Plan Recommendations directly if you have added the Dx codes without using the bot.

  7. It allows you to repeat the suitable plan data from the Recommendations.
    Chart Note Assist
  8. The Chart Note Assist auto-fills the selected details into your current chart note. Once done, you can proceed to review and sign the chart notes.