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CharmHealth provides the support for connecting with external devices to auto-transmit the health parameters to your CharmHealth account. CharmHealth supports Scales from vendors like Health-o-meter, Tanita, Valhalla and InBody, etc.

Request for Device Integration

To automatically store the measured data in CharmHealth using the Scales, follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the 'Add-ons' section by clicking on the 'Plug' icon.
    Add-ons Plug Option
  2. Click on the 'External Devices' add-on.
    External Devices
  3. Choose the device with the model number that you use in your Practice. If your device is not listed, choose the 'Others' option and enter the name along with the model number.
    External Devices List
  4. On receiving your request, CharmHealth will get back to you to connect your device.

Add External Device

On successful integration of this add-on, you can add the External Devices to your CharmHealth account from the 'Settings > External Devices' section.
External Devices Device List

Under the 'Device List' option, click on the '+ Device' button.
Add External Device Button

Enter the Device Type from the dropdown and provide a unique Device Name to identify. Click on the 'Add' button to add the external device.
Add External Device

Auto-transmit the Data

On successful integration of your device, the data from the scale gets auto-populated in the corresponding fields in the 'Patient > Add Vitals' section. It eliminates the time spent by your staff in manually keying in the data in Charm.
Add Vitals

To receive notifications from the External Device, choose the device from the 'Register for notification device' dropdown menu under the 'Settings > External Devices > Preference' section.
External Devices Preference