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Insurance Card Reader


CharmHealth Assist's Insurance Card Reader automates filling in Patient insurance data available on US insurance cards. The feature uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software for reading and extracting textual data from images seamlessly.

With the OCR feature, Practices can capture all vital data, minimize data entry errors, reduce claim rejections, and save manual effort and time.

The HIPAA-compliant technology detects text available on images in JPEG or PNG format and converts it into machine-readable text. It relies on text placement, visibility, font, style, orientation, size, and other attributes of the insurance card for this purpose.

Subscribe to CharmHealth Assist Insurance Card Reader

You can subscribe to the CharmHealth Assist Insurance Card Reader using the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Charm Assist > Insurance Card Reader tab.
    Insurance Card Reader Option
  2. Select the check box and click on the 'Submit' button.
    Insurance Card Reader

Once submitted, we will process and enable the feature for your Practice account within 1-2 weeks.

Auto-Extract Data with Insurance Card Images

The CharmHealth Assist Insurance Card Reader helps in identifying and extracting the Insured ID, Insured person, Group number, Policy name, Payer Name, Contact details, and the Valid From & To from the Patient's insurance card.

On enabling the feature, you can follow the steps below to auto-populate Patient insurance data:

  1. Go to the Patient tab and choose a Patient to auto-fill their insurance details.
  2. Select the Patient Details > Insurance tab.
  3. Click on the '+Insurance' button.
    Add Insurance Option
  4. Upload or Scan the front and backside of a Patient's insurance card.
    Add Insurance
    Add Insurance
    Note: CharmHealth Assist's autofill feature can extract data only from images in JPEG or PNG format (5MB or less). If the insurance card's backside is blank or unavailable, you can proceed to upload the front side alone. In such cases, you may need to fill in missing fields manually after auto-extraction.
  5. Click on the 'Extract' button. It prompts the OCR feature to read and auto-populate values in the appropriate fields.
    Add Insurance
    Note: If there is a conflict in matching a pre-configured payer with the extracted payer details, the feature prompts the probable matching Payers List, as shown in the image below.
    Matching Payers List
  6. Verify the extracted data. (Image quality, payer popularity, and data available on the EHR database may affect auto-populated values).
    The feature can auto-fill Insured Person details only if the name on the card matches the Patient's name on the EHR database. If not, only the first and last name gets updated.
  7. Click on the 'Add' button to save the extracted information

Other Sections Supporting Auto-Extraction

You can also add/edit insurance data using CharmHealth Assists Insurance Card Reader in the following sections or tabs:

Under Patient Dashboard

Click on the Prior Authorization icon > View Insurance > Edit Insurance
Prior Authorization

Under Patient Section

Patient > Patient Details > Insurance > Edit
Edit Insurance

Patient > Patient Details > Insurance > Check Eligibility > Add or Edit Insurance
Insurance Check Eligibility

Under Billing Section

Billing > Generate Bills > View Patient Insurance > Edit Insurance
View Patient Insurance in Generate Bills

Billing > Invoices > View Patient Insurance > Edit Insurance
View Patient Insurance in Invoices

Billing > Claims > Edit or Generate Claim > Edit Insurance
Edit or Generate Claim