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WhatsApp Integration


Enhance the way your Practice notifies Patients with a WhatsApp Integration. Keeping up with patient appointments and maintaining a high standard of care can be overwhelming, ensure sending timely notifications now.


To integrate WhatsApp with your Practice, you must have a WhatsApp Business Account and a few other details handy. In case you do not have one, click on this link to view a detailed user guide for setting up your business account.

  1. WhatsApp IDs - While setting up the WhatsApp Business Account, you can get the WhatsApp Permanent Access Token, Application ID, and WhatsApp Business ID. CharmHealth EHR requires you to share this information during the integration process.
  2. Phone Numbers - You can associate multiple phone numbers while creating a WhatsApp Business Account. This will allow you to assign a different phone number for each EHR module while enabling WhatsApp Notifications in CharmHealth.
  3. Credits - WhatsApp requires you to have enough credits in your business account to communicate with customers. If you do not have sufficient credit, you can also purchase credit directly from WhatsApp
  4. Other Charges - CharmHealth would charge a one-time fee for the integration process.

After the creation of your WhatsApp Business Account, please send a request email to to activate the WhatsApp Interface for your Practice.

Configure WhatsApp for Your Practice

Once the WhatsApp setup gets activated in your CharmHealth Account, you can view the WhatsApp Notification feature on your Settings page.

  1. Go to the 'Settings > Patient > WhatsApp Notifications' section.
    WhatsApp Notification option
  2. Click on the 'Subscribe WhatsApp' button.
    Subscribe whatsApp
  3. Enter the generated WhatsApp credentials as mentioned in the prerequisites.
    WhatsApp Configuration
  4. Click on the 'Fetch Configured Phone Number from WhatsApp' button. If you have only one phone number associated with your business account, verify your default number and click on the 'Map Phone Numbers' button.
    WhatsApp Configuration
    If you have multiple phone numbers linked to your business account as mentioned in the Prerequisites section, enable the 'Module Specific Phone Number Configuration' checkbox.
    Now, you can associate different phone numbers for each module, ensuring patients receive messages related to the respective module from the chosen phone number.
    WhatsApp Configuration
  5. WhatsApp allows sending notifications only through pre-defined template content. CharmHealth EHR will submit the required templates on your behalf to WhatsApp for approval. Typically, WhatsApp takes approximately 2 to 3 business days to approve the templates.
    Submitted for Approval
  6. Once approved, the WhatsApp Notification section displays all the available pre-defined templates. Touchpoints that allow sending WhatsApp Notifications get enabled by default. The Practice Admin can disable these touchpoints based on Practice requirements.
    Notifications to Patient

Enable WhatsApp for Patients

Patients can receive WhatsApp notifications only if the Practice has enabled it for them. Go to the 'Settings > Patient > Demographics > Patient Preference' section and enable 'WhatsApp Notifications'.
Enable WhatsApp Notifications

Then, go to the 'Patient Dashboard > Patient Details > Patient Preferences' section and choose 'Yes' for 'WhatsApp Notifications'.
Enable WhatsApp Notifications to Patient

Note: Once you click the 'Save' button, CharmHealth will validate the Patient's mobile number. You can enable the feature for Patients with a valid WhatsApp number.

WhatsApp Reminders and Notifications

Practice Members can send WhatsApp Notifications from specific modules, depending on the templates enabled on the Settings page.

Automatic Reminders

CharmHealth EHR auto-triggers WhatsApp notifications to Patients for the following Calendar updates:

  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Appointment Reschedule
  • Appointment Cancellation
  • Waitlist-related appointment updates

Note: WhatsApp notifications are automatically sent to the respective patients for updates in the Calendar section only. For updates in the remaining modules, Practice Members must send notifications manually.

Option to Send Notifications from Other Touch Points

You can send manual WhatsApp notifications from the respective module in the Physician or Patient Dashboard in the following ways:


Go to the 'Labs > Lab Results or Lab Orders' section and choose a signed Lab item. Click on the 'Share by WhatsApp' option to send the notification.
Share Signed Lab Item by WhatsApp

The patient will receive the details through a password-protected link on WhatsApp. To learn how patients can access the link within the notification, click here.

Chart Notes

Go to the 'Chart Notes' section and choose a signed chart. Click on the 'Send > Clinical Summary to Patient via WhatsApp' option.
Clinical Summary to Patient via WhatsApp

The patient will receive the details through a password-protected link on WhatsApp. To learn how patients can access the link within the notification, click here.


Go to the 'Documents' section and choose a signed document. Click on the 'Share by WhatsApp' option to send the notification.
Share Documents by WhatsApp

The patient will receive the details through a password-protected link on WhatsApp. To learn how patients can access the link within the notification, click here.

Send Secure Sharing Link

If you want a Patient to share personal medical records with the Practice, you can send them a secure share link that allows uploading documents. Go to the 'Patient Dashboard > More Options > Send Secure Sharing Link' option. Choose 'WhatsApp and Link Expiry Date' and click on the 'Send Link' button.
Send Secure Sharing Link to Patient

WhatsApp Notification Message to Patient's Mobile

Patients will receive a WhatsApp notification message containing a password-protected link to access the shared PHI data.

They can click on the link provided in the WhatsApp message and validate it using the OTP (One-Time Password) and their Date of Birth to access the data.
WhatsApp Notification Message to Patient MobileWhatsApp Notification Message to Patient MobileWhatsApp Notification Message to Patient Mobile

The link remains valid for a maximum of 30 days, and Patients also have the option to download the contents if they choose to.

Configure Marketing Templates for WhatsApp

CharmHealth WhatsApp Integration offers an option for seamless marketing. Broadcast timely updates, exclusive offers, and important information directly to your Patient with just a click.

Your Practice Admin can configure Practice-specific marketing templates using the following steps:

  1. Go to the 'Settings > Patient > WhatsApp Notification' section.
  2. Click on the 'Create New Marketing Templates' link.
    Configure Marketing Templates for WhatsApp
  3. Configure the template title, header, body, and footer details in the pop-up box.
    Create Marketing Templates
  4. Click on the 'Submit' button
  5. After submission, WhatsApp will take 2 to 3 business days to approve your template. You can check the approval status on your CharmHealth Settings page.
    Create Marketing Templates

Send Marketing WhatsApp Notifications

Once WhatsApp approves the marketing templates, you can send bulk marketing notifications using the following steps:

  • Go to the 'Analytics > Custom Reports > Patient Statistics' section.
  • Fill in the required filters to generate a custom report containing a list of your target customers.
    For example, we have selected 'Age > 17' in the 'Demographics > Patient Category' filter to announce a blood donation campaign.
    Send Marketing WhatsApp Notifications
  • Click on the 'Generate' button to view the Patient list based on the chosen filters.
  • Then, click on the 'WhatsApp Broadcast' button.
    WhatsApp Broadcast
  • Choose an appropriate approved marketing template in the pop-up box. Click on the 'Broadcast' button. The WhatsApp notification will be sent to the Patients listed in the report for whom WhatsApp is enabled.
    Broadcast WhatsApp Messages