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CharmHealth EHR is integrated with VitaminLab, allowing Practitioners to create truly personalized supplement formulations tailored to the Patient's individual health needs.

VitaminLab strives to be the leader in personalized nutrition, ensuring every single person is supplemented for their exact needs, goals, and lifestyle based on actionable health data. A few reasons Practitioners enjoy formulating with this integration are as follows.

  • It allows them to create all-in-one supplements.
  • They can craft tailored Formulas to meet their Patients' unique needs.
  • They have access to over 200+ professional-grade ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers around the globe.
  • Hands-on support from a dedicated VitaminLab team of Naturopaths and Nutritionists.

VitaminLab FlowDiagram

Configuring VitaminLab Add-on

Enabling VitaminLab integration in Charm doesn't require Providers to link their VitaminLab account directly with Charm. However, they must have a VitaminLab account to complete the checkout order after the formula is transmitted from Charm.

Click Here to sign up with VitaminLab.

To enable this integration, follow the steps given below.

  1. Navigate to 'Settings > VitaminLab'
    VitaminLab Settings
    Connect with VitaminLab
  2. Only Providers with permission to ADD, EDIT, and DELETE supplements can connect with VitaminLab.
  3. Check the 'I agree to connect with VitaminLab' box and click 'Connect with VitaminLab'.
    VitaminLab Active
  4. Providers can now start prescribing the VitaminLab Protocols from Charm.
  5. The Practice Admin can view the list of Providers utilizing the CharmHealth-VitaminLab integration.
    VitaminLab Settings Admin View

Adding VitaminLab Protocols to the Patient's Chart Note

To add VitaminLab Protocols to the Patient's Chart Note, follow the steps given below.

  1. Create an Encounter for a Patient.
  2. Navigate to the 'Sup > Add Suppl > VitaminLab' section.
    Chartnote VitaminLab
    Add Supplements from VitaminLab
  3. Providers can use either:
    1. The 'Create from Scratch' option that will direct them to the VitaminLab’s portal to build a Formula from scratch.
    2. Add customizable Protocols in Charm and transmit them to VitaminLab.
  4. To add customizable Protocols, select two or more Protocols from the given list.
  5. You can search by the Ingredient name or Protocol name.

Editing VitaminLab Protocols

Once the Protocols are selected, click the 'Review Formula' button to customize the dose and delete ingredients, as needed.
Review VitaminLab Protocols

  1. Enter the Formula Name. When naming the Formula, Providers typically use the Patient's name with a descriptor if multiple formulas are used (i.e. Jane Doe AM, Jane Doe Hormone Balance, Jane Doe PM, etc.)
  2. For selecting the Dosage Type, choose between Capsules or Powder and specify the supply duration, often set at 90 days. When selecting powder, consider that added ingredients should not have a strong taste. If you are unsure, refer to the details provided by VitaminLab.
  3. Providers can modify the dosage level of each ingredient. Additionally, they can also delete an ingredient if it is not needed.
  4. A tooltip icon against an ingredient indicates if it is added from multiple Protocols.
  5. After modifying any ingredient, click the 'Recalculate' button to view the updated pricing. It shows the below details.
    1. Patient Pay (MRP): VitaminLab will send a payment request to the Patient for the first monthly payment. Patients will receive their full supply upfront and automatically be charged monthly for their supply.
    2. Clinic Pay (Wholesale): The Providers pay upfront for the entire supply length and charge Patients directly.
    3. Daily Capsule or Daily Powder (g): This represents the estimated quantity of Capsules or Powder in grams for each serving.

Transmitting and Checking out Formula from VitaminLab

  • Once the Provider has reviewed the Formula, they can select the 'Add and Transmit to VitaminLab' button. This action will redirect them to the VitaminLab portal to complete the checkout.
  • The Provider needs to have a VitaminLab account to proceed with the checkout. If they do not have one, they will be prompted to create an account first.
    VitaminLab Shopping Cart
  • Providers can observe the Supplement status changed to 'Transmitted Electronically' upon successful transmission of Formula to VitaminLab from Charm, as shown below.
    Patient Dashboard VitaminLab

Refer to this Video to create formulas from scratch in VitaminLab.

Add to Chart Note:

Providers can use the 'Add to Chart Note' button on the 'Review Formula' page to save the Formula directly to the Patient's Chart Note without transmitting it to VitaminLab.

This enables the Providers to save the Formula that is not yet ready for transmission.

When the Formula is finally prepared and ready to be transmitted, click the 'Transmit' button, as shown below.
Transmit VitaminLab

Adding and Transmitting VitaminLab Formula from the Patient Dashboard

Providers can also transmit supplements directly from the Patient Dashboard by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the 'Patient Dashboard > Medications > Supplements' section
  2. Add the Protocols from the VitaminLab by clicking the '+ Supplements' button.
  3. You can choose to either add them to the Patient's dashboard or transmit them directly to VitaminLab.
  4. To transmit VitaminLab Formula from the Patient Dashboard, choose the 'Active VitaminLab Supplements' filter option.
    Active VitaminLab Supplements
  5. Click the 'Transmit' button to review the Formula and transmit it to VitaminLab.

Reordering Patient Formula

When Providers need to reorder a Formula already prescribed to a Patient, they can click on the 'Formula Name' link under the 'Supplements' section of the Patient Dashboard, as shown below.

This action will redirect the Provider to the VitaminLab Checkout page.
Reorder VitaminLab Protocols

Disabling VitaminLab Integration

CharmHealth-VitaminLab integration can be disabled, by following the steps given below.

  1. Go to 'Settings > VitaminLab'
  2. Click the 'Disconnect' link against the Provider name.
  3. Once disconnected, prescribing VitaminLab protocols will no longer be possible. However, the Providers can reconnect at any time by clicking the 'Connect with VitaminLab' button.
    Disconnect VitaminLab
    Reconnect VitaminLab

VitaminLab Webinar and Resources

You could explore the VitaminLab YouTube channel, packed with resources and a weekly podcast featuring discussions with physicians, researchers, and professionals at the forefront of personalized care.

If you need to learn more about formulating all-in-one personalized Formulas, you can refer to the VitaminLab Resources or watch the Video here.