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CharmHealth provides a secured Fax gateway to send and receive the faxes within your account. This keeps the Patients' electronic protected health information secure. Our integrated faxing solution helps in quickly attaching the inbound faxes to Patient records and faxing Patient Documents, Lab Orders, Rx, etc., all within your CharmHealth EHR account.

CharmHealth integrates with a third-party Provider S-Fax to send and receive the faxes.

Enabling Electronic Fax Service

To enable the Electronic Fax Service, follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the 'Add-ons' section by clicking on the 'Plug' icon.
    Add-ons Plug Option
  2. Click on the 'Fax' add-on.
    Electronic Fax Service
  3. Click on the 'Enable Now' button and accept the Terms of Service.
    Fax Terms of Service
  4. On accepting the Service, you will be intimated through email once Electronic Fax is enabled for your Practice.
  5. You will be provided with a unique Fax number if the e-Fax is enabled for your Practice.
    Fax Number
  6. You can also port your existing Fax Number to CharmHealth. For porting your existing fax number to CharmHealth, send an email to with the details of your current fax provider and the number to be ported.

Setting up Referral and Pharmacy Directory

  1. Go to the 'Settings > Directory' section.
  2. Under the 'Providers' section, click on the '+ Add Provider' button to add a new Provider.
    Add Provider
  3. Enter the Provider's name, Fax number, and other contact details.
    Add Provider
  4. You can search the Providers from the Directory while sending Fax and as well as selecting the Referring Provider for a Patient.
  5. Similarly, you can enter the Pharmacies under the 'Pharmacy' section.
    Pharmacy Details

Faxing Chart Notes

Once you have enabled the Electronic Fax Service, you can start sending e-Fax from various sections of CharmHealth EHR.

To fax a Chart note, go to the 'Patient Dashboard > Encounters' section. Click on an Encounter that needs to be faxed. Only signed Chart notes can be faxed.
Faxing Chart Notes

Select the Provider's name from the Directory List. The Fax number of the Provider will get auto-populated. You can also add the Remarks if required and click on the 'Send' button.
Send Fax

To fax multiple chat notes, go to the 'Past 6 months' option and click on the 'More Options' (...) icon near the '+ Encounter' button.
Add Fax Encounter

Select the 'Fax Encounters' option and choose the Encounters to be faxed. Select the Provider's name from the Directory and click on the 'Send' button.
Send Fax Encounter

Faxing Prescriptions, Lab Orders, and Lab Results

To fax the Prescription to Pharmacies, configure the preferred Pharmacies under the 'Patient Dashboard > Patient Details > Pharmacy > Add Pharmacy' section.
Add Pharmacy

Search the Pharmacy Name, Address, Fax, or Phone number. Click on the 'Add' option to add the Pharmacy.
Add Pharmacy List

You can also Pharmacies configured under the 'Directory > Pharmacy' section by clicking on the 'Select from Pharmacy Directory' option.
Select from Pharmacy Directory

Once the preferred Pharmacy gets configured, you can fax the prescriptions from the 'Encounter > Rx > Fax Rx' section.
Fax Rx Option

Select the prescription and preferred Pharmacy. Click on the 'Send' button to fax the Prescription.
Send Fax Rx

To fax a Lab Order, click on the 'Labs' icon in the Dashboard and go to the 'Lab Order' section. Select a Patient and choose the 'Fax' option under the 'More Options' (...) icon. You can also fax the Lab orders from the 'Patient Dashboard > Lab Records > Lab Orders' section.
Fax Lab Orders Option

Select the Recipient name, Lab name, Fax number, other insurance details. Click on the 'Send' button to fax the Lab Order.
Fax Lab Orders

Similarly, you can send the Lab Results to other Providers either from the 'Labs > Lab Results' or 'Patient Dashboard > Lab Records > Lab Orders' section.
Fax Lab Result Option

View Fax Delivery Status

You can view the Faxes sent from CharmHealth and check the delivery status from the 'Messages' section. To configure this section, the Practice should provide privileges under the 'Settings > Facility > Roles > Messages' section.
Configure Fax Messages

Click on the 'Sent' option under the 'Fax' section to view the sent faxes.
Sent Fax Messages

The received fax messages from others get listed under the 'Received' folder. You can attach the documents in the Received Fax to the following sections.

  • My Documents
  • Practice Documents
  • Patient Documents
  • Patient Lab Records
  • Image Results
  • Claims

Received Fax Messages

The fax that are failed to send gets listed under the 'Failed' section. Click on the message to view the reason for failure. You can send the fax again by clicking on the 'Re-send' button.
Re-send Fax Message