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September 2020


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Charm Health is Rated as the #Best EHR among its peers by Gartner's Software Advice

Register for our Monthly Wednesday Webinar:

Charm-Wellevate Integration

This Webinar will demonstrate:

  • The Wellevate and ChARM integration
  • How Wellevate can save time for your practice
  • The Wellevate patient experience

This webinar is presented by Jaclyn Chasse of Emerson Ecologics and Wellevate.


Wellevate is a turnkey alternative to in-office supplement dispensing. It helps practitioners recommend high-quality products to their patients, simplify ordering, and ultimately help improve a patient's ability to follow their practitioner's recommended protocol.

Integrative health practitioners choose Wellevate to complement or replace their in-office dispensaries.

Wellevate is HIPAA and PCI compliant.

Get Full Clinical Insights with a Compact Digital Stethoscope

A compact, powerful stethoscope seamlessly integrates with ChARM for use in remote TeleHealth consultations.
Here are some features

- Fits in the palm of your hand
- Amplifies over 100X
- Uses audio headphones

Fully integrated with Charm, Telehealth practices can use the Thinklabs digital stethoscope to enhance virtual care.
See the Thinklabs digital stethoscope in action.

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What's New in Charm?
Find out what Charm Engineers have been up to...

Take a peek at our newest updates in Charm. Small Changes, big impact!

Facility Time Zone Enhancements

View the appointments of multiple facilities together and find the providers' availability while scheduling appointments from EHR, PHR and Web Embed!

Patient Alert Pop-up in Patient Chart

Have critical patient information stand-out in the patient dashboard. The alerts display as a pop-up whenever you open the patient chart!

Quick Navigation in a Soap Encounter

You won't need to scroll up and down while documenting patient encounters in a lengthy SOAP template anymore. The new feature provides a quick navigation bar to the left of the SOAP encounter.

Individual Section Template Association to SOAP Encounter

You can now load more than a SOAP template into a SOAP encounter. This feature allows you to load individual section templates (HPI, ROS, etc.) to a SOAP encounter! Thank you to our users for requesting this time-saving feature.

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