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April 2020

Find out which add-ons complement Telehealth, access the latest webinar on "Telehealth Rules and Regulations" and find out how the CARES Act will impact businesses

Got Telehealth? Consider these add-ons to complement your practice!

The Connect App for Collarborative Healthcare


With 60% of office phone calls going to voicemail, the ability to send instant messages and triage communication in healthcare has positive operational outcomes.

ChARM Connect is a HIPAA compliant secure instant messaging platform for practice members and patients. The ChARM Connect platform is integrated within ChARM EHR workflow that allows you to seamlessly interact with patients and practice members, without moving out of ChARM.

ChARM Connect can communicate with patients and other medical professionals by sending images, text and files via secure platform. Providers can have a "group chat" among one another on a patient case—something that has not been able to take place due to limitations on traditional telephone communication. Read more about it here...

Add Connect

e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances


Electronic prescribing of controlled substances, or EPCS, allows care providers to prescribe controlled substances electronically – a process that has been historically paper-based. EPCS limits the occurrence of forged or stolen prescriptions and “doctor shopping” by authenticating prescribers and increasing security.

Controlled substances can be prescribed from within the EHR, like any other normal prescription. With over 90% of pharmacies are EPCS enabled, providers can securely transmit EPCS prescription to any participating pharmacy. Read more about it here.


New release: Not just SMS, bulk SMS!

Bulk SMS

To meet health care industry mandates and improve the patient experience, practices should consider adding automated, secure messaging to their patient engagement strategy. Scheduling secure messaging can streamline routine patient communication, helping practices improve efficiency and strengthen patient engagement. Charm is excited to release bulk SMS that allows you to send mass text messages to all your patients at once.. Read more about it here.

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A Featured Article from Bluefin

The largest financial stimulus rescue package ever seen - the CARES ACT


The CARES Act – Helping Keep Businesses and Consumers Afloat

While the federal government has begun issuing stimulus checks, there is still much that businesses and individuals can take advantage of concerning the CARES Act. Charm's integrated payment processing partner, Bluefin, explores the loans and programs offered through the CARES Act in their recent blog...

MedicalMine is partnered with Charm to provide ChARM clients secure, integrated payment processing. Process payments and post refunds – all within your ChARM EHR software. Know more about this...


Watch the recording of our last webinar


Navigating Telehealth: Rules and Regulations during COVID-19

  • Virtual Care during COVID-19
  • Tele-health Emergency Provisions
  • Preparation and Workflow Considerations
  • Billing and Documentation (including codes for COVID-19)
  • Connecting Tele-health across Providers

Charm, along with Consultant Mike Talley, has made a compliation of useful links and valuable information, Please see the updated Telemedicine and COVID-19 FAQ.

Note: Mike Talley is available for consultation. You can email him at


Get Started with Telehealth in 12 hours or less

We are expediting the process of getting started with Telehealth. Our team is working overtime to make sure that once you have enabled Telehealth, you can get started in less than 12 hours. ChARM Telehealth is HIPPA Compliant with and free until July.

5 Steps for Getting Started with ChARM Telehealth

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