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View Lab Orders

  1. Go to Home page and click on 'Labs' icon
  2. Select 'Lab Orders' section to view the lab orders.

Ordering labs during Consultation

When you want to place a lab diagnostic test during consultation of the patient, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Home page and click on the 'Patient' icon
  2. Select the patient you want to refer for lab test
  3. Click on '+ Encounter' to create a new consultation
    Open New Consultation
  4. Scroll down to select the 'LABS' tab in Chart Notes. You can choose the lab tests, either from 'Add Lab' or 'Templates' option.
    Recommend Lab Test
  5. Choose a lab name
    Choose Lab
  6. From the list of tests, select the test(s) you want to order for the patient. You can choose it either from 'Favorite Test List' or 'Master Test List'
    Choose Lab Test
  7. Click on 'Order' and the selected test will get added.
    Recommend Lab Test
  8. Click on 'Save' button to save the changes.

Add Lab Order without Consultation

  1. Go to Home page and click on 'Labs' icon
  2. Select 'Lab Orders' section
  3. Click on '+ Lab Order' button.

  4. Add Lab Order Option
  5. Enter the patient name. You can add a new lab order either by using the 'Instant Add' or 'Choose from Templates' option.
    Add Lab Order
  6. Follow the steps as in 'Lab order during consultation' to place the lab order.
  7. Once your lab orders are placed, you can print the lab order by clicking the 'Print' option.
    Order Labs

Sending Electronic Lab Orders to LabCorp

To send the lab orders electronically to LabCorp, follow the steps given below:

  1. Once you sign the consultation, go to 'Labs > Lab Orders' section
  2. Against each lab order, Use "Check ABN Status" to view the Advanced Beneficiary Notice details for the tests, if available. An ABN is a written notice that a Medicare patient may receive from a physician, provider, or supplier, when there is reason to believe that Medicare will most likely not pay for an item or service. The ABN assists a Medicare patient in making an informed choice about whether or not to receive the service(s), knowing he/she may be responsible for the payment.
  3. Against each lab order, the "Accu Draw Details" option is used to know how the specimen needs to be collected. The LabCorp AccuDraw service provides the client with on-screen visual cues with specimen collection instructions to help ensure accuracy and precision when collecting specimen within your office.
  4. Click on the "Send Order Electronically" option to open the order summary page. This view displays the selected tests along with the AOE details provided during the encounter. The "Next" button takes you to the billing details screen.
  5. Choose the LabCorp account number or Client ID from where the lab order is being placed. If the facility has multiple LabCorp Client IDs, choose an appropriate account number for placing the order.
  6. Lab Facility lists the lab performing sites where the lab orders can be sent. If the facility has in-house labs, specimen collection date needs to be filled.
  7. Labs can be billed in 3 ways:
    • Client Billing - in which the practice is billed for the service
    • Patient Billing - in which the patient is billed for the service
    • Third Party Billing - in which the Insurance company is billed for the service
  8. All three billing types requires guarantor details to be available. In addition to guarantor details, "Third Party Billing" requires insurance details.
  9. Insurance details are pulled from Patient Demographics > Patient Details > Insurance section. Primary Insurance details are mandatory for third party billing. Secondary insurance details are optional and can be chosen if available for the patient. Use the "Guarantor" tab to fill in the guarantor information.

Note: Lab orders can be placed to Patient Service Centers ( PSC ) or Lab Information Systems ( LIS ). If the practice has in house labs, the specimens can be collected in house and orders can be sent to the Lab Information System. Also the orders can be sent to Patient Service Center. Patient has to carry the lab order copy to PSC for specimen withdrawal.

Placed lab orders are queued in ChARM EHR and they are electronically pushed to LabCorp every 2 minutes. Once the lab order is pushed to LabCorp, the status of the lab order changes to "Order has been electronically sent".

Print Specimen Label

To print the specimen label, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on the 'More Options' (...) icon against the lab order, for which you wish to print the specimen label.
  2. A popup menu will appear asking for the number of labels to be printed.
    Print Specimen Label
  3. Enter the number of labels to be printed and click on 'Print'
  4. Specimen labels will be generated like the one below.
    Specimen Label

Key-In Test Results

  1. Go to Home page and click on the 'Labs' icon
  2. Click on 'Lab orders'
  3. Select the patient whose lab test results are to be updated
  4. Click on the 'More Options' (...) icon and select 'Import Results'
    Import Lab Result
  5. Key in the lab results against each test performed.
    Key-in Lab Result
  6. Add comments if any and click on 'Save'
  7. The updated results will be shown with a green tick mark.
    Lab Order Status

Mark Order as Completed

When the lab test has been completed then the test can be marked as complete.

  1. Go to 'Labs > Lab Orders'
  2. Click on the 'More Options' (...) icon against the lab order and select 'Mark as Completed' option
    Mark Lab as Completed
  3. Click 'OK' on the confirmation dialog.

Print Lab Order

  1. Go to 'Labs > Lab Orders'
  2. Click on the 'More Options' (...) icon against the order and click on 'Export as PDF' option to print the lab order.

Share Lab Orders to Patient Portal

  1. Go to 'Labs > Lab Orders'
  2. Click on the 'More Options' (...) icon against the lab order to be shared and click on 'Share to Patient' option. Click 'OK' on the confirmation message to share the lab order to the patient portal

Note: This option will be present only when the patient has a patient portal account