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What does the error message 'Unable to connect to Optum servers. Timeout occurred indicates?
Optum Conection Error
To download ERAs, CharmHealth tries to establish a connection with OPTUM. Sometimes, due to some network issues, CharmHealth may not be able to establish the connection with OPTUM, and this error is being shown. In such cases, the Practice should try the download after some time.

What does the error message 'Unable to read the ERA from the Optum servers. Timeout occurred' means?
Optum ERA Read Error
Even after CharmHealth establishes the connection with OPTUM servers, sometimes, ERA download may fail due to some error with the OPTUM network. In such cases, the Practice can attempt the download after sometime.

In automatic download, when we cannot get ERAs from Optum, the subsequent attempts will download ERAs from the last successful downloaded date.