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Health Screening

Routine Health Screening is a crucial preventive healthcare measure. CharmHealth EHR assists Practices with Patient health screenings by:

  • Scheduling health screenings for Patients
  • Tracking and recording scheduled screenings
  • Helping Providers to remind and recommend screening to Patients

Health Screening Settings

You can configure the Health Screening required for your Patients by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Health Tracker > Health Screening tab
    Health Screening
  2. Click on the '+ Health Screening' button.
  3. Enter the Screening Category, Name, and Patient Sex.
    Add Health Screening
  4. Specify the age of the patients when the screening needs to be done and the frequency of screening in years or months.
  5. Then click on the 'Add' button. Repeat the above steps to add multiple health screenings.

Notes:Only Members with the 'Health Trackers' role privilege under Settings > Facility > Roles can add Health Screenings.

Health Screening from Patient Dashboard

Once configured, Providers can track and record health screening from Patient Dashboard > Health Screening section. A 'Red Dot' icon against the tab heading indicates a pending screening.
Health Screening in Dashboard

Providers can check the due date and screening status (Upcoming, Pending, Not Done) against each screening. The 'More Options' icon allows updating the screening status (Completed, Patient Refused, Not Required).

In addition, the Encounters section also displays alerts about the health screenings pending for the patient.
Health Screening in Chart Note

This helps the Providers to remind and recommend the upcoming screenings to patients. Also, clicking on the 'Redirect' icon against the alert opens the health screening page on the Patient Dashboard.

Note: Only Members with the 'Health Screening' role privilege can access and use this feature.