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Patient Management

Upload Paper Records

Patient's old records can be imported into ChARM as follows.

  1. Go to 'Patients' tab and select the patient whose record has to be uploaded.
  2. Select the 'Past Encounters' tab
  3. If there are no previous records, you will see the message 'No records Available'. Upload Patient Record Option
  4. Click on the highlighted 'here' on the page to upload the document.
  5. Select the date of consultation, physician name, etc. and click on 'Import' to add the record.
    Import Paper Records

Scan Paper Records

Scanner interface plugin in ChARM helps you to scan patient's past records directly into the system. ChARM can connect to any TWAIN compliant scanners. Most scanners available in the market are TWAIN compliant by default. You can check your scanner specification to find out whether it is TWAIN compatible or contact your vendor to know that.

  1. Select 'Patients' tab and select the patient
  2. Select the 'Past Encounters' tab.
  3. Click on 'Import > Scan Document'.
    Scan Document
  4. On your first usage, you will be asked to install a scanner plugin based on your operating system and browser used. Install the plugin and proceed to scan the document.
    Install Scanner Plugin

View Past Encounters

To know the patient's past encounter history, follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to 'Patients' tab and select the patient
  2. Select the 'Past Encounters' tab.
    View Past Encounters
  3. By default, the summary of the last visit is shown. You can use the filters to view the summary of earlier dates. You can also make a printout of the visit summary by using the 'Print' option.