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Flow Sheet

FlowSheets in ChARM EHR helps you to easily track patient health data over a period of time.

Using Flowsheets you can

  • Record and track patient's health vitals and other custom parameters (like Hunger Level, Pain Severity etc)
  • Pull lab results and review them along with patient's other health data
  • Plot the data to see the changes visually
  • Flag abnormal values

Create Flowsheets

Flowsheets are fully customizable. You can create flowsheets with your own fields and preferred layout.

Let us see how to create a flowsheet with data below.

NAME Diabetes Flowsheet
CUSTOM PARAMS Foot screening
  1. Go to Settings > Flowsheets section.
    Flowsheet Settings
  2. Click on the '+ Flowsheet' button and enter the flowsheet name as 'Diabetes Flowsheet'.
    New Flowsheet
  3. Drag and drop the 'Heading' component and create a heading for vitals.
    New Flowsheet
  4. Drag and drop the 'Vitals' component and choose Weight and BP.
    New Flowsheet
  5. Create a heading for 'Lab Values' and then drop the 'Labs' component. Search and select lab parameters HbA1c and LDL.
    New Flowsheet
    Note: Lab values are pulled based on the parameter name. Hence make sure that the lab parameter name given in flowsheet exactly matches the imported results.
  6. Create a heading for 'Assessments' and then drag and drop the 'Custom Param' component.
    Enter the parameter name as 'Foot Screening' and type as 'Single Choice Option'. Enter two options 'Normal' and 'Abnormal'. Choose 'Add Additional Notes' option to add comments on foot screening.
    New Flowsheet
  7. You can also choose your preferences for the additional fields below and save the flowsheet.
    • Sort Data - The date order in which patient health data have to be sorted in flowsheet.
    • Date Format - Choose the date format required in flowsheet.
    • Flowsheet Layout - Choose the preferred layout for displaying data in flowsheet.
    • Apply Flowsheet - Choose whether this flowsheet has to be added to all patients by default.

    New Flowsheet

Flowsheet from Patient Dashboard

You can access patient's flowsheets from dashboard.
Patient Dashboard

Flowsheets associated to all patients (from Settings) are shown by default. You can also open new flowsheets using 'Add/Edit Flowsheet' option.
Patient's existing medical records are automatically pulled and shown as per the fields created in flowsheet. Here is the sample view of the 'Diabetes Flowsheet' that we created.
Patient Flowsheet View

  • Click on the '+' icon to add new flowsheet entries.
    Add Flowsheet Entries

Use the FLAG icon next to the parameter to flag abnormal values.
Plot Entries

You can also export the flowsheet data as a CSV file and share with referring providers.
Export as CSV

Flowsheet within Encounter

You can also add flowsheet entries during encounter.
Flowsheet Encounter

Flowsheet entires added from encounter section are shown as part of the chart note.

If vitals are already included in flowsheet, you can even remove the 'Health Vitals' section from Encounter.
This option is provided under Settings > Encounter > Preferences section.
Encounter Preference

Flowsheet Privileges

You can configure member privileges for add,edit,delete actions in flowsheets under

Settings > Facility > Roles section