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Facility / Member Management


I have facilities at multiple locations. Whether ChARM supports managing multiple facilities?
Yes, you can create multiple facilities from “Settings->Facility Details” section.

How can I delete a member or lock a member from accessing practice details?
To delete a member permanently, please follow the steps given below:

  • Go to “Settings -> Facility Members” section
  • Choose “Delete” option for the member
  • Give the reason to delete the member
  • Click “OK”


To restrict a member temporarily from accessing ChARM, please follow the steps given below :

  • Go to “Settings -> Facility Members” section
  • Choose lock option for the member
  • Click “OK”
  • Similarly, you can unlock the member, too.

How do I add another member to my practice?
To add a new member to your practice,

  • Go to “Settings" tab
  • Click on "Facility Members -> New Member"
  • Provide the necessary details and associate a role to the new member
  • Click on "Add Member" to add the member to the practice


How to change the email address of Facility Member?
Privilege to update the email address is available for Practice admin and office manager

  • Navigate to 'Settings > Facility > Facility Members' section
  • Edit the facility member details
  • Change email address
  • Click 'Update'.