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How is the product priced?
Charm offers two plans

  1. Encounter Plan - Practices are charged based on the number of encounters created in a month.
  2. Provider Plan - Practices are charged based on the number of Providers enrolled.

You can also checkout our free trial version before subscribing. Please click on this link for further information on pricing.

Do you offer a free edition?
Yes. We offer a free edition with a limited set of features. You can still purchase addons and use them while on free edition.

Which plan will suit small practices?
Small practices with less than 50 encounters can use the FREE plan and choose the addons they need. On crossing 50 encounters/month, Charm auto-upgrades your Practice to 'Encounter Plan' Flexi Pricing.

How do I access my monthly invoices?
You can access your monthly invoices by clicking 'Help ('?' Icon) > Account Info'

How do I update my credit card details?
Navigate to 'Help ('?' icon) > Account Info' section and choose 'Edit' link associated with existing card

When will the subscription fee be charged?
The subscription fee gets charged during the first week of the subsequent month, following a "Use and Pay" model. However, if an annual contract is signed, the fee will be paid in advance.

Why am I being charged for SMS/Text Messages even though I am subscribed to the Provider Plan?
The $200 Provider Plan includes an allowance of 1000 SMS/Text Messages per month, while the $350 Plan offers an even larger allowance of 2000 SMS/Text Messages per month. In case you exceed the limit, each additional SMS/Text message will be charged $0.08, allowing you to continue messaging seamlessly.

Why am I being charged for Electronic Fax when I am subscribed to the Provider Plan? How does this process work?
The $200 Provider Plan includes an allowance of 500 electronic faxes per month, while the $350 Plan offers 1000 electronic faxes per month. If in case you exceed the limit, each additional e-fax will be charged $0.10.

Under what circumstances does the subscription transition from the Free Plan to the Encounter-based Plan?
Your subscription can upgrade from the Free Plan to the Encounter-based Plan for various reasons like an increase in the number of Providers, Facilities, or service requests. Refer to our pricing page for further details.

How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your CharmHealth EHR subscription, Please send a cancelation request email to at least seven days before the invoice date, which is the end of each month.

How long does CharmHealth retain the data in my account after I cancel the subscription?
Your account data will be retained for two months after cancellation. You can export or migrate your data during this interval, ensuring a smooth transition.

I am currently subscribed to the Provider Plan, but when I attempt to enable Telehealth, it shows a subscription fee of $20 per Provider per month.
The 'Telehealth' service charges get covered under the Provider Plan. However, you must accept the subscription fee notification to enable it.

If I subscribe to the Provider Plan, will the entire practice have access to the "Telehealth" service?
Telehealth services get covered for Providers in the Provider Plan, but other Practice members will be charged separately for using the service.

What are the benefits of subscribing to EPCS, and what charges can I expect for this service?
By subscribing to the EPCS service, Providers can prescribe Controlled Substances (CS) and Non-CS drugs and expand their prescribing options. The EPCS subscription fee is $250 per Provider for a one-year subscription license, which covers identity proofing and hard tokens, and includes a monthly Rx subscription fee of $10.

Does the Provider Plan include EPCS as part of its features and services?
The Provider Plan includes the EPCS functionality. You can activate it with an annual payment of $250. This upfront payment gets added to your credits after 3 months.

Why did my SMS charges increase compared to my last month's bill?
Your SMS charges might have increased for a couple of reasons:

  • Review and compare the number of messages sent in both months to check if your usage has increased.
  • The maximum character limit for a text message is 160. If the notification content exceeds this limit, it will get delivered as multiple messages, and you will be charged accordingly for each message sent.


Encounter Plan

What is an Encounter?
Encounter refers to a recorded patient consultation or visit.

Does pricing depend on no. of providers?
Pricing does not depend on the number of providers. You can add as many providers as you want.

How much will I pay if I make 30 consults/month?
The minimum subscription fee per month is $25. In this case, you need to pay $25 and not $15.

How much will I pay if I make more than 2000 consults/month?
You would be charged $1000 + $0.30/consult beyond 2000 consults. For instance, if you do 2500 consults, you would pay $1150 for that month

I make 40 consults in one facility and 100 consults in another facility, how much do I pay?
You would pay for 40 + 100 consults. That is $0.50 * 140 = $70

Provider Plan

What is the subscription fee for Non-Physician Providers (NPPs)?
They are charged $200 per month. Non-Physician Providers (NPPs) include Physician Assistants (PA), Registered Nurses (RN), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Licensed Acupuncturists (L.Ac), etc.

Can I sign an annual contract?
Yes, you can sign up for an annual contract and there will be a discount on annual plans. Please contact for further information.

Do you have special rates for part-time providers?
Full-time providers will be charged as per the provider plan charges, while part-time providers can be charged based on Encounter. Please contact for further information.