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How is the product priced?
The prodcut is priced based on number of encounters created in a month.

What is an Encounter?
Encounter refers to a recorded patient consultation or visit.

Does pricing depend on no. of providers?
Pricing does not depend on the number of providers. You can add as many providers as you want.

How much will I pay if I make 51 consults/month?
If you exceed the 50 consults(free) threshold, you would be charged $0.50/consult. That is you would pay $25.5/month

How much will I pay if I make more than 2000 consults/month?
You would be charged $1000 + $0.3/consult beyond 2000 consults. For instance, if you do 2500 consults, you would pay $1150 for that month

I make 40 consults in one facility and 100 consults in another facility, how much do I pay?
You would pay for 40 + 100 = 140 consults. That is $0.50 * 140 = $70

Do you offer a free edition?
We offer a full featured free edition. You will be charged only when you exceed free limit of 50 consults per month.

How do I access my monthly invoices?
You can access your monthly invoices by clicking 'Help ('?' Icon) > Account Info'

How do I update my credit card details?
Navigate to 'Help ('?' icon) > Account Info' section and choose 'Edit' link associated with existing card