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How to enable PHR account for my patients?
PHR invitation can be sent from “Patient Dashboard -> Patient Details” section. If the email address of the patient is not available, you will be prompted to enter that. Patients can follow the instructions specified in the invitation to register the PHR account and start communicating to you.

How can I know whether a patient has a PHR account or not?
If a patient has a ChARM PHR account, his username will be listed under “Patient Dashboard -> Patient Details -> PHR Account Details” section.

One of my patients already has a PHR account. How to add his family members’ profile to the same account?
ChARM PHR allows maintaining multiple patients’ profile in a single account. Each PHR account is uniquely identified by the patient’s email address. For the second patient, you need to send the PHR invitation to the email registered by the first account holder. Patients can follow the instructions in the email to add the new patient to the existing PHR account.

How can I share the questionnaire to the patient’s PHR account?
This can be done in two ways :

  • While creating new appointment from the “Calendar” tab. Once the time slot is selected, the “New Appointment” window pops up. On the right-hand side, the questionnaires are shown. Choose the questionnaires to be shared to the patient’s PHR account.
  • From “Messages” tab, click on “Send Questionnaire”. Choose the patient. Select the questionnaires to be shared. Click “Send”.

I forgot to send the questionnaires to patient while scheduling the appointment. How to do it later?
There are two ways to do this :

  • Go to Calendar, edit the appointment and select the required questionnaires again.
  • Go to Messages section and use the “Send Questionnaire” option.

The patient does not have a PHR account. How can he fill the questionnaire prior to appointment?
In this case, the patient can use the Kiosk or tablet available at the hospital to fill the details/questionnaires. The front desk staff generates a unique PIN for each patient. The patient can use the PIN and login into the Kiosk to update their details. If tablets are used, the front office staff opens the patient record and gives the tablet to the patient.

How can I see patient filled Questionnaires?

  • Go to “Patient Dashboard -> Patient Details -> Questionnaires”
  • Go to “Messages” tab. Click “Received” folder under Questionnaires section

Does ChARM EHR allow patients to request appointments from patient portal?
Yes, they can request appointments from the patient portal. In the EHR, all the patient’s appointment requests are listed under “Calendar -> Appointment Requests” section. You have an option to confirm or deny the requests.

Patients are unable to send messages from their PHR Account. They receive a message that they have reached the limit?
Under “PHR Settings” there is an option to set the limit for the number of messages that a patient can send between two consecutive signed encounters. Once this limit is reached, the patient will not be able to send further messages. Anyhow, there is no restriction for patient In viewing the messages from the provider.

Will de-activated patients be able to access PHR account and communicate with practice?
Even when the patients are de-activated in the EHR, their PHR account remains active and they can continue using it. But, the patients will not be able to send messages, request appointment or share records to the practice.

Can patients access the visit summary from their patient portal? How to share the visit summary to the patients?
Once the chart note is signed in the EHR, the visit summary is automatically copied to the patient portal. Patients can access this from “Care Team -> Visit Summary” section.

How to share the lab results with the patient?
To do this, go to the “Patient Dashboard -> Lab Records” section, and import the lab result. Only the signed lab results can be shared to the patients. Once the doctor signs the lab results, they will be shared.

How to share other documents with the patient?
To do this, go to the “Patient Dashboard -> Documents” section, and upload the document and share it with the patients. The share option will not be available, if the patient did not register ChARM PHR account. In addition to sharing document, you can also share consent forms while scheduling appointments, and share handouts during the encounter.

My patients want to share documents with me. How to do it from the Patient portal?
Currently there is no option to share documents imported to ChARM patient portal with the providers. You can ask your patients to send the document as message attachment from “Care Team-> Messages” section.

I am unable to see “Share” button under labs for some of my patients?
“Share” button will be displayed for the labs, only if the patient has a PHR account. Once the PHR account is created, “Share” button will be displayed automatically

Where do the patients view their health record/ Treatment Plan/ Clinical Summary?
Patients can access the treatment plan (clinical summary) under “Care Team -> Appointments” section. Here, under the “Consulted” list, they can click on “Action icon -> View Summary”.

Can I change/update the Patients email address?

Yes, You can change the Patient email address but it has to be done from the Providers end as well as the Patients end

Follow the instructions to change email address in EHR

  • Navigate to Patients Details> Demographics section
  • Click on Edit Demographics link
  • Under contact details edit the email address
  • Click on update button to save change

Do instruct the patient to change email address in his PHR account

  • Login into PHR account
  • Click on the gear icon and select the option "Personal Portal"
  • New window will open, in that window click on the gear icon and select "My Account"
  • Change the email address
  • Click on Update button to save changes

How to send a message to all the patients at a time? or How to create an 'Announcement'?

  • Navigate to 'Settings > Patient > Announcements'
  • Click 'Add New' button
  • Give a 'Subject' to your announcement
  • Type the announcement content
  • Click 'Save & Publish' button

It will be shown under the patient portal 'Announcements' tile. An announcement goes live as and when it is published and remains under the 'Announcements' as a message.