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How to enable a PHR account for my Patients?
You need to send a PHR invitation from the 'Patient Dashboard > Patient Details' section. If the Patient's email address is unavailable, the system will prompt you to enter it. Patients can follow the instructions specified in the invitation to register the PHR account and start communicating with you.

What is the best way to quickly send PHR invitations to multiple patients?

  1. Navigate to the 'Analytics > PHR Usage' section.
  2. Click the 'Patients without PHR' region available in the Pie chart. This will give the list of Patients who have not registered PHR for your Practice.
  3. Click the 'Invite' link associated with each Patient's name to send the invite.

When Patients attempt to register for their Portal, they receive the message 'You are not authorized to view this content'.
The message "You are not authorized to view this content" will be shown to Patients if they are logged in with one email address and are attempting to access the PHR invitation from a different email address. To resolve this, they should log out of the current account and then access the invitation using the appropriate email address.

How can I know whether a patient has a PHR account or not?
If a Patient has a ChARM PHR account, his username gets listed under the 'Patient Dashboard > Patient Details > PHR Account Details' section.

How can I share the questionnaire with the Patient’s PHR account?
You can share Questionnaires with Patients manually or automatically.

  1. New Appointment
    Start creating a new appointment from the Calendar section. The 'New Appointment' pop-up box displays the configured Questionnaire/Feedback/ Consent Forms list. Choose the necessary Questionnaires and book an appointment.
  2. Messages
    Go to Messages and click the 'Drop Arrow' icon against the 'Compose' button. Choose 'Questionnaire' and select the questionnaires you want to share. Enter the Patient Name or Record ID and click the 'Send' button.
  3. Auto-Share
    Go to Settings > Questionnaires > Preferences section. Configure the questionnaires to be auto-shared with Patients while booking an appointment. You can have either the same Questionnaires for all the Providers and Visit Types or have different Questionnaires for each.

I forgot to send the questionnaires to the Patient while scheduling the appointment. How to do it later?

  1. Go to the Calendar section, edit the appointment, and select the required questionnaires again. (or)
  2. Go to the Messages section and use the 'Send Questionnaire' option.

The Patient does not have a PHR account. How can he fill in the questionnaire before the appointment?
The Patient can use the Patient Self-Check-in Terminal, or Kiosk App, at the Practice. In the case of the Self-Check-in Terminal, the front desk staff generates a unique PIN for each Patient. The Patient can use the PIN to log in and fill out the questionnaire. For Kiosk App, the front desk staff selects the Patient record and hands over the tablet to the Patient to fill out the questionnaire.

How can I see Patient-filled Questionnaires?
You can view the Patient-filled questionnaires in the:

  1. Patient Dashboard > Patient Details > Questionnaires section (or)
  2. In the Chart Note > Questionnaires section.

Additionally, Providers can configure their settings to receive notifications whenever a Patient fills out the questionnaire. Enable the 'Questionnaire Notification Message From Patients' option under the 'Settings > Messages > My Preferences' section for this. Once done, Providers will receive notifications under the 'Messages > Questionnaires > Received' section.

Does CharmHealth EHR allow Patients to request appointments from the Patient 'More Options' icon?
Yes, Patients can request appointments from the Patient 'More Options' icon. The 'Calendar > Appointment Requests' section in the EHR lists all of the Patient's appointment requests. You have the option to confirm or deny the requests.

Patients are unable to send messages from their PHR Account. Do they receive a message that they have reached the limit?
Under 'PHR Settings,' there is an option to set the limit for the number of messages that a Patient can send between two consecutive signed encounters. The Patient will not be able to send further messages once they reach this limit; however, there is no restriction for Patients in viewing the messages from the Provider.

Will deactivated Patients be able to access PHR accounts and communicate with the Practice?
Even after deactivating Patients in the EHR, their PHR account remains active. The Patients can continue using it, but they will not be able to send messages, request an appointment or share records with the Practice.

Can patients access the visit summary from their patient portal?
Yes, Patients can access the visit summary under the 'Visit Summary' section.

How to share the visit summary with the Patients?
When the Provider signs the encounter, the system will automatically share the Visit Summary with the Patient's PHR account.

How to share the lab results with the patient?
You can share the lab result with the Patient's PHR account while signing it. You can also share it by clicking the 'More Options' icon (3 dots icon) associated with the signed lab result and choosing 'Share'.

How to share other documents with the patient?
Go to the 'Patient Dashboard > Documents' section. Upload the document and share it with the Patients using either one of the below options:

  1. Share to PHR (Available only for Patients registered with Charm PHR).
  2. Share by text (Available for all Patients). Additionally, by sharing documents, you can share consent forms while scheduling appointments and share handouts during the encounter. You can find the detailed steps in this link.

My patient wants to share documents with me. How to do it?
Patients need to upload the documents to their PHR accounts. Patients can share uploaded documents from their PHR account from the 'Documents' section. The detailed steps are available in this Link, please share it with your Patients.

You can view shared documents from your Charm EHR account, under the 'Documents' section which you can review and sign.

I am unable to see the 'Share' button under labs for some of my Patients.
If the Patient has a PHR account, the system will display the 'Share' button for the labs. The system will automatically display the 'Share' button.

Where do the patients view their health record/ Treatment Plan/ Clinical Summary?
The 'Clinical Summary' section gives a bird's eye view of your clinical data and medical history. The 'Visit Summary' section displays:

  1. Your diagnosis
  2. Prescribed medications or supplements
  3. Treatment progress
  4. Physician recommendations, if any.

Can I change/update a Patient's email address?

  1. Navigate to the Patient's 'Dashboard > Patient Details > Demographics' section.
  2. Click the 'Edit' button available on the top right of the screen.
  3. Update the email address under the 'Contact Details > Email' field.
  4. Click the 'Update' button

Note: If the PHR account is inactive (or) If no Practice is mapped to it, click on the 'Patient Portal' icon.

Changes made in EHR or PHR will not reflect in one another. You need to update it separately in both EHR and PHR. Following are the instructions to update the email address in PHR:

  1. Log in to the PHR account
  2. Click on the 'Patient Profile' icon in the top right of the screen and choose 'Manage Account'.
  3. Go to the 'Account Info' section and click the 'Edit' icon against the mail id.
  4. Add the new mail id and mark it as 'Primary'.
  5. Delete the existing email address if you would like to create a separate PHR account with it.

Click on the 'Personal 'More Options' icon' option if you have an inactive PHR account (or) if no Practice is mapped to your account.

How to send a message to all the patients at a time? or How to create an 'Announcement'?

  1. Navigate to 'Settings > Patient > Announcements'
  2. Click the 'Add New' button
  3. Give a 'Subject' to your announcement
  4. Type the announcement content
  5. Click the 'Save & Publish' button

The Patient 'More Options' icon will show under the 'Announcements' section. An announcement goes live as and when it is published and remains under the 'Announcements' as a message.

Is there a way to export the email addresses of all our patients? Or how do I export patient information into a CSV file?
You can export the email addresses of all the Patients by exporting Patient demographics information as a CSV file from the 'Patients' section. Following are the steps.

  • Navigate to the 'Patients' section
  • Click the 'More Options' icon (3 dots icon) and choose 'Export Patients'
  • Click 'As CSV' to download the details in .CSV file format
  • You can retrieve Patient email addresses from the downloaded file.

Note: The privilege to export Patient demographics is available to the Practice Admin and Office Manager by default.

Is it possible to pull the list of Patients who have not been seen for a certain amount of time?
Yes, it is possible.

  • Navigate to the 'Analytics > Custom Reports > Patient Follow-up' section.
  • Specify the number of months within which you want the list of Patients that have not arrived for the consultation
  • Choose the Provider
  • Click on the 'Generate' button.

It will list all the Patients who have not come for the consultation during the specified time frame.