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Appointment Scheduling


Can I receive a reminder for the Task added for a patient?
Yes. You can select the “Assign due date” check box, provide the due date and choose the number of days before which you would like to receive the reminder email.

Why does the Status list box under Appointments, does not contain the cancel option?
The purpose of the status box is to track the encounter workflow. To edit/reschedule/cancel appointments, click on “Rescheduled”/”Not Arrived” link present for that appointment.

I want to send appointment reminders to patients two days prior. How to do that?
You can configure the exact time at which the appointment reminder email has to be sent from “Settings -> Patient Reminders” section.

Can I schedule periodic appointments for my patients, like appointment on every Monday, for five weeks?
You can schedule periodic appointments by going to the Calendar and choosing the time slot. In the New Appointment dialog, choose the “Period” option and select the frequency as “Weekly”.

I am going for a vacation and won’t be available for next week. How do I block my time slot so that my staff won’t schedule appointments for me during that period?
Go to Calendar and choose the entire time slot of day one. In the New Appointment dialog, click on “Other Events”. Choose the “Period” option and select the end date.

Can I access patients’ past appointments along with their status (No Show, Late Cancellation, etc.)?
Yes. Go to “Patient Dashboard -> Appointment History” section. You can view the patient’s appointments (future & past) with status.

A patient calls to reschedule the appointment. How to do?
Go to “Patient Dashboard-> Appointment History” section. The patient’s future appointments are listed under “Future Appointments” tab. Click on the reschedule icon to choose another data for the appointment.

How to turn-off notification email that I receive whenever new appointment is scheduled/cancelled?
You can turn-off appointment notification email from “Settings-> My Accounts” section.

Is there a way to customize the schedule with different time slots?
Time slot for Calendar (scheduler) can be configured in Calendar section. Only Practice Admin is allowed to configure this.

Is there a way to print the scheduled appointments between the given dates?
Yes, the appointments scheduled between the given dates can be printed using the “Print” features in Calendar section.