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Medical Billing & Claims


How do I print claim data on CMS 1500 form?
Navigate to 'Billing > Claims' section. Here, click action icon (3 dots icon) associated with the required claim and choose either 'Download CMS1500 Form With Claim Data' or 'Print Claim Data On CMS1500 Form'

How do I delete a credit note?
A Credit Note can be deleted only if it is 'Not Applied' to any Invoice. If applied, follow the steps given below to 'Delete' the Credit Note

  1. Navigate to Billing > Invoices section
  2. Locate the credit note and choose 'Apply Credit Note' option
  3. Clear all 'Payment Applied' fields of the invoice and 'Update' the invoice
  4. Once these steps are performed, use 'Delete' option available under 'More Options' (...) icon against the credit note


How to associate Dx codes automatically with procedure while invoicing?
Maximum of four Dx can be auto associated with the procedure codes. This configuration is available under 'Settings > Billing > Billing Settings > Invoice Settings' section. Here, choose 'First Four Dx' option from the drop down available for 'Auto-select Dx pointers for all Procedure codes'.