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Can I print the claim data on a physical CMS1500 form that I have?

Yes. You can print the claim data on a CMS1500 form.

Go to the 'Billing > Claims' section. Click the 'More Options' (...) icon against the claim you need to print & click the 'Print Claim Data On CMS1500 Form' option.

You can also configure the CMS1500 print settings by accessing the 'CMS1500 Print Settings' button in the 'Batch Claim PIF' drop-down.

How to automatically associate Dx codes with Procedures in the Claim/Invoice?

You can configure Dx codes to be automatically associated with Procedures using the 'Auto-select Dx Pointers for all Procedure Codes' option, available under the 'Settings > Billing > Billing Settings > Invoice Settings > Invoice Generation - General Settings' section.

You can associate either the First Dx code, or the First four Dx codes available to Procedures using this setting.

I usually send Invoices/Statements to the Patient's Email/PHR Account. Is it possible to notify them through Text messages?

Yes. The Patients can be notified through SMS whenever they receive Invoices/Statements to their Email/PHR Account.

While sending Invoices/Statements through Email/PHR, select the 'Send Text Notification' option available below the 'Send' button of the page. This will send a notification text message to the Patient's Mobile Number on sending the invoices/statements to their Email/PHR account.

To enable this option on the 'Send Invoice' page, follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to 'Settings > Patients > Text/Voice Notifications'
  2. Check the below notifications & enable them as needed.
    1. Notification when Invoice is sent to Patient's PHR Account
    2. Notification when Invoice is sent to Patient's Email ID
    3. Notification when Invoice is Mailed to Patient (Mark As Mailed)
    4. Notification when Patient Balance Due Statement is sent to the Patient's PHR Account
    5. Notification when Patient Balance Due Statement is sent to the Patient's Email ID
  3. Notification Text Messages can be configured using the 'Edit Text Content' button available at the top right corner of the same page.

I am a dual-licensed Provider. Can I generate two Claims for an Encounter so that I can submit them with different license numbers?

Yes. You can generate two Invoices for the same Encounter & thus create two Claims for each Invoice.

You need to enable the 'Enable 2nd invoice generation for encounters' option, available under the 'Settings > Billing > Billing Settings' section.

Once two Invoices are generated for an Encounter, you can generate individual Claims for each Invoice separately with CPT codes associated with the licensed number.

I have a Patient who returned products. I want to record this return through Charm so I can refund the patient. How do I do it?

You can record the returned products and their refunds by generating a Credit Note Invoice.

Locate the Invoice that has the returned products. Click the 'Return Items/Credit Note' option available against the Invoice.

Choose the products that need to be returned.

You can use the 'Return Item/Refund' button to record the return & refund the amount to the Patient.

How do I delete a Credit Note?

A Credit Note can be deleted only if it is not applied to any Invoice. In such case, you can use the 'Delete' option available against the Credit Note & delete the Credit Note.

If the Credit Note is applied to any invoice, follow the steps given below to 'Delete' the Credit Note.

Navigate to 'Billing > Invoices'. Locate the credit note and choose the 'Apply Credit Note' option. Clear all 'Payment Applied' fields of the invoice and 'Update' the invoice. Now you can use the 'Delete' option available against the Credit Note & delete it.

How do I send a payment link in an email while sending an Invoice?

While sending Invoices/Statements to the Patient's Email, you would need to select an email template that has a placeholder of '{Payment Link}'.

Usually, for all Bluefin-enabled Practices, an email template with this placeholder would have been created by default under the 'Settings > Templates > Practice Templates > 'Send Invoice - Email' template' section.

You could make your own email template with the placeholder instead.

Is it possible for the Billers to reorder diagnosis codes in the claim?

Yes. It is possible to reorder diagnosis codes in the Claim.

The Practice needs to turn on the 'Enable Diagnosis ordering in Invoice and Claim' option under the 'Settings > Claims > Claim Settings > Diagnosis Settings' section.

Once the option is enabled, follow the below steps to reorder the Dx codes in the Claim.

  1. Edit the Claim by using the 'Edit Claim (CMS1500)' option.
  2. Click the 'Reorder' link available under Box #21
  3. Reorder the Dx codes as desired & save them.

Can I store the card on file when Patients make payments from PHR?

Yes. The Practice needs to enable the option 'Store card on file while the patient makes the payment for Invoices from PHR' under the 'Setting > Billing Settings > Bluefin' section.

Once it is enabled, the Patient's card on file gets stored in Charm as the Patient makes the payment from PHR.

We store Patient's cards on file. How can I track the expired cards?

The expired cards can be tracked using the 'Billing > Reports > Payment Gateway Reports > Patient Card on File Report'. The report needs to be grouped by the 'Card Expiry' field that lists all the cards with expiry details.

You can also get the list of cards that are going to expire using this report.