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How do I print claim data on CMS 1500 form?
Navigate to 'Billing > Claims' section. Here, click action icon (3 dots icon) associated with the required claim and choose either 'CMS1500 Form With Claim Data' or 'Print Claim Data On CMS1500 Form'

How to associate Dx codes automatically with procedure while invoicing?
Maximum of four Dx can be auto associated with the procedure codes. This configuration is available under 'Settings > Billing > Billing Settings > Invoice Settings' section. Here, choose 'First Four Dx' option from the drop down available for 'Auto-select Dx pointers for all Procedure codes'.

How to enable SMS notifications for invoices?
We have an option provided to send SMS Notification to patients when Invoice is sent to their Email ID or PHR Account. This option can be enabled in the following scenarios

  • Invoice sent to Patient's PHR Accounts
  • Invoice sent to Patient's Email ID
  • Invoice mailed to Patient (Mark As Mailed)
  • Patient Balance Due Statement sent to Patient's PHR Account
  • Patient Balance Due Statement sent to Patient's Email ID

To configure this option,

  1. Go to 'Settings > Patients > Text/Voice Notifications'
  2. To enable SMS Notification, select option 'Required' for needed scenarios and click 'Save' button
    SMS Notification
  3. Notification message can be configured by the practice using 'Edit Text Content' button
    SMS Edit Content

Is it possible to generate two claims for the same encounter?

To enable this option

  1. Go to 'Settings > Billing > Billing Settings'
  2. Under General Settings, click ‘Yes’ for the option ‘Enable 2nd invoice generation for encounters’ and Save.
    General Settings

You can use this option if you are practicing two different specialties with separate license number for each. This option enables you to send two claims for the same visit with individual specialties/license number in each claim.

This option will also be useful for practices in Washington for vaccine billing, where the practice need to send an additional claim for 'Washington Vaccine Association'

What is 'Credit Note' feature?
Invoice is created for the services rendered and products dispensed. If the patient cancels any services or returns the products either partially or fully then generating 'Credit Note' for the Invoice will help the practice to have proper bookkeeping.

I have a patient who returned products, I need help getting the return through the system so I can refund the patient.
You can record returned supplements and their refunds by generating a credit note invoice for them

How to generate credit note for the invoice?
You can generate credit note for an invoice by navigating to 'Billing > Invoices' section. Here click action icon (3 dots icon) associated with the invoice through which they are dispensed and choose "Return Items/Credit Note" option.

Is there a way to return products back to inventory and refund money to the patient in a single click?
Yes, while generating credit note, click "Return Items & Refund Monies to Patient" to return products and refund money.

Is there a configuration to prominently display 'Credit Note' option as a button under Generate Bills section?
Under "Settings > Billing > Billing Settings > Invoice Settings - General" section, choose "Yes" for "Enable 'Credit Note' option in 'Generate Bills' tab" option and "Save" the configuration.

How do I delete a credit note?
A Credit Note can be deleted only if it is 'Not Applied' to any Invoice. If applied, follow the steps given below to 'Delete' the Credit Note

  1. Navigate to Billing > Invoices section
  2. Locate the credit note and choose 'Apply Credit Note' option
  3. Clear all 'Payment Applied' fields of the invoice and 'Update' the invoice
  4. Once these steps are performed, use 'Delete' option available under 'More Options' (...) icon against the credit note

How do I send a payment link in an email while sending an Invoice?
For all Bluefin enabled Practices, an email template with the placeholder '{Payment Link}' would have been created under Settings > Templates > Practice Templates > 'Send Invoice - Email' template.

Alternatively, if you have customized 'Send Invoice - Email' templates, you can add the placeholder '$ {Payment Link}'

To send the payment link in an invoice

  1. Navigate to Billing > Invoices and click on 'Send Invoice' option for the invoice you wish to collect the payment
  2. Select 'Email' as the mode of sending and choose the template 'Send Invoice Email Template'
  3. Choose the amount to be collected for the Invoice which should not exceed the present due to the Invoice
  4. Click on "Send" and the invoice will be sent to Patient's Email id with the payment link

Is it possible for the Billers to reorder diagnosis codes in the claim?

Yes, it is possible. Billers can now reorder diagnosis (Dx) codes in the claim.

For Billers to use this option, the practice should enable this option.

  1. Navigate to 'Settings > Claim Settings'
  2. Choose the option to reorder diagnosis in the claim view.
    Claim Reorder Dx