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How do I receive labcorp results into Charm EHR?
LabCorp has to initiate the process to interface your lab results with Charm EHR. Inform your LabCorp representative about your decision to go with Charm EHR. Ask them to contact us at

How can we group LabCorp results?
From 'Labs > Lab Results', we can view the LabCorp results grouped together. You can even take a print of the grouped results.

How to re-assign the reviewer of Lab results?
In 'Labs > Lab Results',

  1. Select a particular lab result
  2. Change the reviewer
  3. Click on “Save”.

How to add new labs, tests, and parameters?
Add and Customize new labs, tests, and parameters in the 'Labs > Customize Labs' section. You can find the detailed steps in this link.

How does lab interface integration work with Charm EHR and its advantages?
Lab interfaces will help you in sending orders electronically to labs from your Charm EHR account and receive results electronically from labs into your account. With Charm EHR you can connect to multiple labs electronically. Interfacing allows Charm EHR clients to safely share information across operations.

If you have an in-house lab, the specimen can be drawn in your facility and an order can be placed directly to Lab Information System. Orders can also be placed directly with the Patient Service Centre from where the Patient can get their tests performed.

Which Labs have an established interface with Charm EHR?

  1. Geneicd
  2. Sunrise Medical Laboratories
  3. Clinical Pathology Laboratories
  4. Northwest Clinical Laboratory
  5. Spencer Hospital lab
  6. LabCorp
  7. Mercy Diagnostics
  8. West Pacific Medical Laboratory
  9. Legacy Laboratory Services
  10. Health Lab
  11. Boston Heart Diagnostics
  12. American Esoteric Laboratories
  13. Millennium Health
  14. Avero Diagnostics
  15. BioReference Lab
  16. PathGroup
  17. WestPac Labs
  18. Quest Diagnostics Lab
  19. Interpath Lab
  20. Clinical Labs of Hawaii
  21. LabPro
  22. Cleveland Heart Lab
  23. North Memorial Laboratory
  24. Access Medical Labs
  25. Vibrant America
  26. Sound Medical Laboratory
  27. Mako Medical Laboratories
  28. Cole Diagnostics
  29. MedScan Lab

What is the procedure involved in integrating your labs with your Charm EHR account?
Only the Lab Representative can initiate the integration process for your account. The Practice can contact the local lab representative for this.

Once initiated, the Lab approves the interface and contacts Charm Team for development & testing. Charm has a dedicated lab-interface team that works with a lab to implement the interface.

Note: Email after contacting your local lab representative. For Quest Interface, you can also initiate the integration process through Quest's official link You need to fill in the vendor details as mentioned below:
Vendor Name: MedicalMine Inc.
Vendor Contact: Venky Chellappa
Vendor Phone Number: 224-523-3793

How does 'Search & Add' help you to add lab orders faster?

  1. Click 'Search & Add' in the Lab Orders section
  2. Select the Lab name
  3. Enter three letters or the test code of the tests you are looking for in the Test field
  4. Select your test from the auto-suggested list
  5. Add Lab Order

The selected test gets added to the lab orders list. You can also mark your favorites Tests from the 'Settings > Labs > Customize labs' section. The auto-suggested list displays the Favorite tests at the top. Click on this link for further information.

Where can I capture specimen collection details in lab order?
The 'Specimen Details link is available in the new lab order view as well as an action item in the lab order list view against a lab order. The specimen collection date configured here will also get printed on the lab order requisition copy. Click on this link for further information.

Can the diagnosis descriptions be printed along with the code in the lab requisition copy?

  1. Go to 'Settings > Labs > Preferences' section
  2. Choose 'Yes' for 'Display diagnoses with description in Lab Requisition copy'.

After selecting Yes, the diagnosis description also gets printed in the lab order requisition copy alongside the diagnosis codes. Click on this link for further information.

Can a signed lab result be reverted?
Yes, Practice-Admin can revert the Signed lab result status to 'Unsigned' from the 'Lab Results' section using the 'Unsign' action item. Click on this link for further information.

How do I mark a lab order as expired?
Click on the 'Mark as Expired' action item against the lab order to mark them as expired. This option is unavailable for orders sent electronically. Click on this link for further information.

How do I print/have my client account Id on the lab requisition copy?
To configure your client account ID with a lab,

  1. Go to 'Settings > Lab/Images > Customize Labs' section
  2. Click on the 'Add' option against the required Lab Name
  3. Configure the account ID for each of your labs

While printing the associated lab's lab order from the 'Lab Orders' section, the configured Client ID gets printed on your lab requisition copy.

Can I view the comments associated with a lab result value in the patient's Flowsheet?
Yes, you can. Comments associated with a lab result value can be viewed by placing/moving your mouse over the lab value in the Flowsheet tab.
Flowsheet Comment

How do I repeat previous lab orders of a Patient?
Repeat Lab Orders of a Patient using the 'Past Lab Order' option in the encounter's Lab section and 'Labs > Lab Orders' section.

In the 'Comprehensive' chart type, the 'Past Orders' option is available in the 'Physician Notes > Recommendations > Order Labs' section. In other chart note types, the 'Past Orders' option is available in the 'Labs' section.

You can add Lab orders without encounter, either from the Patient dashboard's 'Lab Records > Lab Orders' section or 'Labs > Lab Orders' section using the '+ Lab Order' button. The 'Past Lab Order' option is available in the 'Add Lab Order' section to repeat the lab orders from past lab orders of the Patient.

How to transmit lab orders electronically inside an encounter?
Practices that have an electronic lab order interface can:

  1. Go to the Chart Note > Lab Orders section.
  2. Click on the 'Transmit' link available.

Once the lab order is transmitted, you can print the order requisition copy and specimen labels from this view. Click on this link for further information.

Note: The specimen label is part of the order requisition copy for the LabCorp interface.

My lab order has multiple tests and I have received the result report through Fax. Instead of associating each test to this Fax result, can I associate all tests in a single shot to the Fax copy?
Yes, you can.

  1. Go to the 'Messages > Fax > Received' tab
  2. Click on the 'Add to Patient Lab Records' link for associating the received Fax copy with the lab order.
  3. Select the 'All Tests' option in this view to associate all the lab order tests to the received Fax result. Click on this link for further information.