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Secure Messaging


Do you allow sending messages outside ChARM?
Our messaging service can be used to communicate between patient and practice (or) within practice members only.

Can ChARM Messages be synced up with Google, MS Outlook or ICal?
ChARM provides a secure messaging service and not a typical e-mail with POP/SMTP. The messages are stored in our servers, so that everybody can login and access the centralized data. We cannot forward the messages to other email systems, in order to comply with HIPAA guidelines.

Do you have a short cut key to compose a new message?
Yes, you can press 'c' anywhere within ChARM to open the message compose UI.

I don't want to receive messages from patients? how to do that?
Navigate to 'Settings > Message > My Preference' section and choose 'No' for 'Receive Message From Patients'

Can I restrict the number of messages received from patients and also restrict the content length?
You can configure the number of messages allowed between visits from “Settings -> PHR Settings” section and also restrict the number of characters allowed in the message. This is a practice level configuration and applicable to all providers.

How to turn-off the notification email that I receive whenever I get a message in ChARM?
Navigate to 'Settings > Message > My Preferences' section and choose 'Not Required' for 'Message Notification Email'

Are messages associated with patient record? Can I see all the messages related to a patient?
All the messages related to the patient are accessible under “Patient Dashboard -> Messages” section. The list includes all the messages from/to patients and messages sent to your practice members by the patient.